Della Ding

Della Ding
Della DingChinese pop star Della Ding has professed her love for Singapore and said she is thrilled to be performing on the stage there this summer. Deciding to venture into show business was an easy choice for Ding considering her background in music, but she had numerous options on the table. Being a big star with multiple music releases she could have chosen anywhere in the world to debut, any stage would take her on board. However she insisted on giving something back to the place she has come to love so dearly, the ‘lion city'.
This is why she has chosen to star in Glass Anatomy – The Musical which is playing at the Esplanade Theatre for a chunk of May 2013. Ding has the voice of an angel and will play the heroine Ah Mei in this highly stylised piece of theatre. Alongside her will be a cast of classically trained actors native to Singapore, and these will include Judee Tan, Audrey Luo, Rayve Tay, Sugie Phua, Julius Foo and Jeffrey Low.
Ding, 29, took the decision because she wants to give something back to her Singaporean fans who have been so kind and appreciative of her work in the past. She said: "I've been to Singapore more than 10 times for concerts and music awards in the last few years and I really love it here.
"Being an actress for the first time here will be a great chance for me to meet even more Singaporeans and allow them to be acquainted with me.Taking on the role of Ah Mei was an extremely exciting experience, but I was also nervous as acting was new to me.
"I love Singapore because the weather and food here is awesome - pepper crab, bak kut teh and char kway teow!"
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