dj dsk singapore music spring cityThe pride of Kunming and resident DJ DSK is no stranger to Singapore's wilder side. The beat-making maverick has travelled far and still says that it is one of his favourite places to spin his records. Like most hip-hop heads he has channelled his creative energies into spinning records, scratching and creating mixes that get people on the floor. DSK has been is a veteran of Spring City and has played international festivals, particularly throughout Europe and Asia. You only have to look at the battle scars of his passport to know he has lived the jet setting life style of an international DJ.
Now he has found the time to release his new album "The Dark Passenger" in 2013, in between a relentless schedule of live gigs. DJ DSK has collaborated extensively on this new material and has been in the studio working with Cambodia-based artist MC Gobshite. The man is always moving onto the next project to keep his music fresh and vibrant.
When asked about his favourite cities to play, DJ DSK was effusive about the crowds and the energy in South East Asia.
He said: “Every city has a different vibe and energy. It's always a pleasure to experience different places. India and Korea are very interesting, as is Taiwan. It has a relaxed vibe and the b-boy events I've done there have been amazing. Singapore is a favourite, as the crowd seems to enjoy more funky music and have great musical knowledge. My two favourite cities are still Phnom Penh and Bangkok for the craziness, the amazing vibe and the friendly, happy locals.”
“In China, it is difficult to say. But I probably prefer playing the smaller venues run by friends. At places like those I am a lot more free to play the music I love. So I would have to say The Mask here in Kunming. The owners, Alex and Catherine, have always been so supportive of me and we try to put on some special nights with music you don't usually hear in Kundu. It's a small bar so the dance floor gets sweaty and it has a really nice intimate feeling.”
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