Sony the special entertainer   

Sony the special entertainer started its career 69 years ago in Tokyo, Japan. In the beginning of its introduction into the market “Sony” is called as TTK, but later in the year 1958 it changed its name as “Sony”. Out of the four big recording companies in the world, Sony is the second largest recording company and is controlled by Japan's Sony, which is the subsidiary of the United States. As years passing on, Sony music entertainment spread its consultancies globally.

May 21, 2015 is a miraculous day for Singapore people, as Sony launched a first music consultancy under its brand name “Sony Music”. The main idea behind launching the Brand Solutions Hub is to focus on regional marketing in Asia Pacific. The hub is operated from Singapore. To meet the needs of the clients the new set up offers innovative music solutions and to develop music talent locally and globally. Sony is sweeping the music industry for years together and offering various services like consumer research,song writings, consulting and reward programs. Along with other innovative programs, Sony started its first Brand Solution Hub, which is a music marketing consultancy which runs towards to expertise in the fields of consumption trends and lifestyle choices of the music lovers and its related statistical analysis. In the year 2014, Sony implemented a music sales across South Asia. This was promoted to illustrate the different patterns in music plays. With this, Sony started developing the music consultancies to increase favorable circumstances globally. To get recognized Sony recently signed on some of the innovative programs and planning to increase the number. The main target of the Sony company is to launch a hub to elevate the Singapore people's talent and to give them a regional status as well as global status too.
Chairman , Denis Handlin AM and President of Sony Music stated in his report that “Brand solutions Hub” analysis, benefits the brand owners and media agencies to reach the customers. He also appreciated the Singapore Economic Development for supporting the music industry in Singapore and also in export music markets. From 1960 onwards Singapore is craving to develop local music industry, and some of the popular bands like Thunderbirds proved themselves and reached the global levels, now this Internationally music monopoly launched a new innovative hub where the local music lovers can get a chance to improve their talent and compete with the global market. The newly launched hub caters to its clients and makes them to know the latest trends and act accordingly.
The director of the Singapore Economic Board on inaugural occasion expressed that this is a wonderful opportunity for Asia Pacific region to reach to international levels. He also stated that hub will concentrate on digital distribution and on partnership content to export. This hub drives towards the innovation and various lifestyle trends and help the industry to reach higher levels.
To know the exact trends of the music industry, Sony conducted several rounds over 3000 people aged 13 years and above to understand the co-relation of the music and their trends towards the audience. Sony expanded its study to Malaysia, Taiwan, India, Hong Kong and so on. The New York report in 2016 stated that Sony is going to analyze the latest trends of the audience and make the local music lovers to improve, according to the new trends by comprising some of the important recordings. Sony is the only creator of new lifestyles and by bringing changes and entertainment around the world. They are the experts in their business and the only company which delivers electronics to music where the latest trends require.
Charlie Lim Abandons His first Love  

Avicii has reported his retirement and the timing couldn't have been greater. Another musical wonder has chosen to raise his Ableton game. Following the release of Charlie Lim sophomore effort Time/Space to a basic approval a year ago, he has procured another musical vision and character. We talk with him about his recent collection, Live.Laugh.Love, why instruments are outdated, doing yoga, turning JB in and how Dick Lee has motivated his new bearing.
This was unquestionably remarkable. To what extent have you been chipping away at this collection, and why the sudden declaration to drop it? I noticed it was excellent to do a Beyoncé-sort thing. Not the genuine collection, simply the declaration of it. The collection will turn out on National Day in the not so distant future. I've really been perched on it for quite a while, yet I was simply waiting for Avicii to resign with the goal that it would be much less demanding to take the throne.
What enlivened this new record and the shift to EDM?
It's an extraordinary EDM. It is ethnic EDM. It has Singaporean-Chinese turn. I needed to contact my roots, and fundamentally consolidate the two things that are nearest to my heart to make something local and extraordinary.
I needed to make something that unites the community, kind of like what might as well be called 'Home' like EDM. Talking about which, Dick Lee's The Mad Chinaman had enormous impact fit as to fiddle this sound. I really grew up listening to that collection each Saturday morning for a time of about four years, rather than watching power rangers such as the other failures.
Doing yoga taught me to value the normal magnificence of Asian instruments, as I observe all incorporated sounds to be extremely grating nowadays. For the going down of each track, I exchange kick drum with a lion move drum. Actually, quite far, I make use of Chinese percussion as I could on this record.
I don't need an individual to associate with me one on one basis on what I do again. I simply want to be important. In a more libertine sense." The collection title Live.Laugh.Love proposes the kind of joyful identity we didn't get the opportunity to see with Time/Space. This record was really intended to be a triple EP, as a gesture to last year's discharge.
I generally need to set the bar higher for myself, or else there's truly not a great deal of intending to be a craftsman if you don't expand the amount of your work. I solicited my inward circle and many of them instantly remarked that the tracks sounded much similar to one another, making it impossible to each other, so I chose to gather all the songs and make the collection one ceaseless track. It's around six hours of endless circles of themes and bridges, kind of what you get at a Sunday adoration session at CHC. It's not as sing-a-long-capable, but rather pretty much has the same impact.
It's still entirely hard for us to comprehend this colossal shift in way of making music. You know, I've turned out to be very bored of being painted by the media as this one-dimensional cartoon of broodiness and despairing… what they don't know if I've been travelling over the border four evenings a week DJing at deserted warehouses in JB. I didn't know Johor had underground warehouse gatherings. I said they were deserted. As in, the warehouses are unfilled. It's been a good practice for me, however.
Would you agree that this new vocation feels more normal for you?
I'm simply tired of all these individuals continually asking me for what good reason my songs are so melancholic or thoughtful. You know, the most noticeably bad part about that is the point at which they begin prying into my very own life, and afterward they start letting me know about their own lives. Like I'm some kind of advisor since they're influenced by my music, and some way or another to them it means we're related spirits. That is the more awful part; I'm not getting sufficiently paid for this. It like a genuine obligation, you know?
Furthermore, that is truly why I've chosen EDM as the way out. I don't need individuals to relate to what I do any longer. I simply need to be important. In a more hedonistic sense. I think instruments are exceptionally dated. I look at some groups nowadays and they're clearly emulating sponsorship tracks, and I'm like, "where is the legality in this?"" — Charlie Lim
Which producer do you regard as a role model?
I don't listen to other musician's play I'm excessively occupied in the studio… I walk to the tune of my own excessively compacted 808 snare. I'm in the studio throughout the day, and the main breaks I take are for Snap chatting fire emojis to my supporters on account of how dope my session is going.
Which festival would you want to play at?
Gracious God! I would love to play at Laneway. I believe being on that bill characterizes your whole profession as a craftsman.
Will you keep playing the guitar?
Honestly, I think instruments are exceptionally dated. I take a look at some groups nowadays and they're clearly emulating support tracks, and I'm like, "where is the uniqueness in that?" So I came to the conclusion that it's best not to have anything playable with me by any means. It's far too diverting for the crowd when I truly need them to concentrate on me and my laptop.
Considering all these progressions you're making, would you say you are going to take care of your image also? Would you continue to put on glasses? Is this a rhetorical question? Obviously I need to wear glasses... I wouldn't have the capacity to see where the spacebar is. More updates on the Charlie Lim facebook page.


Best places for blues and jazz  

If you are a regular here at Singapore Music, you will already be well aware of the thriving live music scene that exists on the island. But did you know that Singapore is also home to a great blues and jazz scene? It's true. Even though the entire state measures a mere 71 km², world class blues and jazz clubs are scattered all over Singapore. Here are a few of our favourites.
There are few live music venues of any description in Singapore that are quite as charming, welcoming and downright cosy as the Astor Bar. Just off Orchard Road, it is the second home of pianist and vocalist Ron Sinclair who plays ultra-smooth jazz tunes long into the night, while the regulars and drop-ins enjoy refreshments from a superb wine list, which includes a few out of this world champagnes.
Step through the doors of the Sultan and you feel like you've stepped out the other end of a time machine. On every level, this gorgeous little jazz spot has been designed and decorated to mimic perfectly a swinging club from the golden age of jazz. Located in the Sultan Hotel at 101 Jalan Sultan, it's a real jazz lover's place – an intimate venue that allows the audience to really get up close and personal with the musicians.
Southbridge Jazz @7atenine
One of the most long established clubs in the Singapore jazz scene, Southbridge's world class resident band has been thrilling its loyal regulars for years now with their compelling, energetic shows. The music isn't the only thing to enjoy in this Raffles Avenue hotspot – it also offers a superb food menu.
Beloved by locals, the Blu Jaz Café offers both blues and jazz gigs in a bustling atmosphere. Gloriously bright coloured décor on both levels of its two story building perfectly suits the ultra-lively mood. House DJs play upstairs too, for those that want to keep the party going after the gig.
If whisky and jazz sounds like a good combination to you, then you should get yourself down to the Malt Vault in the basement of the Screening Room. Top of the line scotch whiskeys are available at the bar, while hypnotic live jazz pumps on the stage.
If you prefer a mixed drink with your live blues and jazz, then B28 might be more to your liking. As well as the delicious cocktails it has to offer, it is also one of the comfiest bars on our list, with deep couches and lots of space. Friday is the best night to be there. Why? Because that's Jazz night, of course. It's a great spot to kick back, sip a cold refreshing beverage and take in some hip sounds in a perfectly cool atmosphere.
For some people, the appeal of jazz has to do with its smoothness, elegance and class. If this is you, then the Axis Bar on Raffles Avenue is going to be your heaven. Brilliant live performers swing, while the clientele enjoy signature cocktails and spirits while taking in a breath-taking view of Marina Bay.
Before You Exit live in Singapore 2017  

Before You Exit will be touring Asia in support of their recently released All The Lights EP. The 6 track EP features current single, “Suitcasel,” as well as previous hits “Model” and “When I'm Gone" from the group.
The Orlando, FL based trio of brothers Connor McDonough (Vocals/Guitar), Riley McDonough (Vocals), and youngest brother Toby McDonough, (Vocals/Guitar) are one of the latest discoveries of legendary manager Johnny Wright (Backstreet Boys, NKOTB, N'Snyc, Jonas Brothers, Justin Timberlake, Ciara)
In 2015, the group signed to RCA Records/Sony Music, released their hit song “Model” and toured with the Vamps and co-headlined a European tour. Since becoming a group, the brothers have garnered over 40 million views on YouTube. In 2014, the group toured in support of their debut EP, I Like That. The title track for the EP could be heard in the ad trailer for the animated film The Nut Job. Aside from headlining shows all over the world, the group has supported Cody Simpson, Olly Murs, The Vamps, and Fifth Harmony. Things started to heat up when the group was named the winners of the third annual “Macy's IHeartRadio Rising Star” campaign, earning them a spot at the iHeartRadio Music Festival alongside such acts as Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Nicki Minaj, One Direction, and more. The trio also performed at the 2014 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and had 4 singles hit the Radio Disney charts.
Show Info
Date: Tuesday, 28th February 2017
Venue: *SCAPE, The TreeTop (Level 5)
Showtime: 8.00pm
Doors Open: 7.00pm
Meet & Greet for VIP ticket holders will start at 6pm at venue.
Ticket Price
VIP: S$128 (Inclusive after show Meet & Greet)
General Admission: Early Bird $68 / Normal: S$88 / At Door S$108
Early Birds available until end Dec or sold-out
All tickets are free standing
Tickets available on 5th Dec 2016 via Ticketbox website -
Singapore Major Festivals  

From experimental music, free street performances, dance, visual arts, DJs, beach party, these massive events in Singapore have it all covered. Submerge yourself in an arts extravaganza at the gigantic Singapore International Festival of Arts, satisfy your inner music addict at the WOMAD Singapore and party like there's no tomorrow at ZoukOut.
Featuring a large array of mainstream and experimental music, dance, theatre and visual arts to venues all over town during one month, Singapore Arts Festival is one of the most cutting-edge of this kind in Asia.
Even though the event is mainly about international acts such as the UK theatre group Station House Opera, Belgian dance outfit Rosas, and the Oslo Philarmonic Orchestra, there's also local fare as well as a slew of free street performances and workshops.
The festival is organised by the National Arts Council (NAC). For the festival, the NAC offers an edgy, experimental and original line-up of performances. Besides, the event has had world-renowned artists such as theatre director Robert Wilson and avant garde music composer Phillip Glass, as well as Singaporean talents such as theatre director Goh Boon Teck.
Founded in the UK by rock stars Peter Gabriel and Thomas Brooman, WOMAD (World of Music, Arts & Dance) has a trajectory of over 20 years in 20 different countries. Its aim is to bring together music and dance artists from far and wide who are legit representatives of the traditions of their country.
Set in the beautiful Fort Canning Park, WOMAD Singapore attracts expat families, clubbers and music lovers of all shapes and sizes who enjoy music and dance performances from over 15 countries
With DJs, dancers, arts and crafts, food from Peru to Korea, Australia and Africa, festival-goers are spoilt for choice. As the event is family-friendly, activities for children are aplenty, from storytelling, creative dramas, arts and crafts activities and interactive workshops that involve the use of masks and shadow-play.
What started as a beach party in 2000 has grown into one of Asia's biggest music dance festivals, attracting over 20,000 revellers each year. Organised by Mega-club Zouk, the beach party ZoukOut features local and overseas music acts and big-name DJs play in tents and outdoor arenas, everything from rock to hip hop, lounge to house.
Set in the beach at Sentosa, this gigantic party has had important acts, featuring international DJs such as Paul Van Dyk, Masters at Work, Gilles Peterson, Peter Kruder, James Lavelle, and Armin Van Buuren.
ZoutOut has also won the Singapore Tourism Board's “Best Leisure Event Experience” award three times, between 2005 and 2008. On its 10-year anniversary, the three headline acts that performed at ZoukOut were multi-platinum selling artists David Guetta, world renowned trance DJ Tiëstp and Grammy-award winning DJ Jazzy Jeff.
Apart from featuring mainstream DJs from around the world, the event is alluring to festival-goers from all over the world due to its beautiful beach setting, organisation and great vibrant party mood. Checkout zoukout 9 - 10 Dec 2016


Red Dot Radio  

About Red Dot Radio. Tune in to a month of new songs and artist renditions of radio-friendly hits and lesser-known gems at Red Dot Radio! Catch the live broadcast of LUSH 99.5FM on 20 Aug and be one of 10 lucky winners to walk home with a ESPLANADE x SUPERMAMA tote bag and Red Dot Radio pin! That's not all! From Aug 1 – 31, 2016, you can redeem the same tote bag just by spending $50 at the Esplanade Mall*. There are just 200 bags up for grabs, so don't delay! *Terms and conditions apply. Maximum 3 combined same-day receipts. Redemption is on a first-come, first-served basis and while stocks last.
Mayuni Omar featuring Maiya Rahman and Hariani Hassan 1 & 2 Aug, Mon & Tue 6.45–7.15pm 7.30–8pm Esplanade Concourse
Mayuni Omar, the former keyboardist of popular band Tokyo Square, ventured into local Malay compositions for Suria in 1997. He has gained recognition for his works by COMPASS, who awarded him the Top Contemporary Instrumental Award in 2008. His compositions for Suria also won awards in Pesta Perdana for Best Drama Song in 2007, 2009 and 2012.
Mayuni will showcase some of his best compositions featuring Malay contemporary singers Maiya and Hariani.
Closer to Home 3 Aug, Wed 6.45–7.15pm 7.30–8pm Esplanade Concourse
Closer to Home comprises a multi-racial bunch of local and international kids who make music with their guitar and cajon (box-shaped percussion instrument). Coming from all walks of life who have found a home in Singapore, they are excited to perform local songs and tunes with an acoustic touch. They hope their music will bring a sense of home to their listeners; nostalgia to the older generation, comfort to those who are away from their own homes, and a celebrative spirit to the younger generation.
Dominic Chin 10 & 11 Aug, Wed & Thu 6.45–7.15pm 7.30–8pm Esplanade Concourse
Dominic was inspired by the sounds of R&B and jazz music when he was young but only started covering songs on YouTube in 2010 as DominicSings. He covers genres such as pop, jazz, RnB etc, and has a total viewership of 1.4 million and 8,500 subscribers. Dominic has performed at Esplanade for YFest, at Marina Bay Sands' Grand Theatre for Straits Times Charity concert in 2012 & 2014, and at the Star Vista Performing Arts Centre, where he presented the song he penned for the late Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in a tribute performance.
Natalie Hiong 12 Aug, Fri, 6.45–7.15pm & 7.30–8pm 13 Aug, Sat, 5.15–5.45pm, 6–6.30pm & 6.45–7.15pm Esplanade Concourse
Natalie Hiong is an award-winning singer-songwriter. Since leaving her banking job to pursue a music career in 2010, Natalie has made her mark on the local music scene with her very own brand of folk pop. Her lilting voice, deeply personal lyrics and charming disposition have captured the hearts of many. Active in the local scene, Natalie has performed at Music Matters Live, Night Festival and Singapore HeritageFest. She had the privilege of opening for Lenka, Marie Digby and Tiffany Alvord, and was also one of Starbucks' featured artists. Internationally, Natalie has performed at renowned live music venues in London, New York and Toronto, and at festivals such as Spring Scream Festival in Taiwan and MEOW Con in Austin, Texas.
Natalie has released two EPs, Little Heart (2011) and Beautiful Mess (2013). In 2014, she won the Homesongs Contest with her Singapore song Coming Home, while her Unravelling won the Love Song category of a UK Songwriting Contest.
Natalie is also a versatile composer and lyricist, and was involved in the multi-million dollar magic spectacular Incanto at Resorts World Sentosa, and was behind the new Hollywood Dreams Parade Theme Song at Universal Studios Singapore. An avid and dedicated educator, Natalie also enjoys writing music for children.
Bennett Bay 12 Aug, Fri 7.15–8pm 8.30–9.15pm 9.45–10.30pm Esplanade Outdoor Theatre
Bennett is a musician based in Singapore. Since the inception of his solo project mid-2015, he has been making his mark on the local arts scene. Following his debut performance at the Esplanade Concourse, Bennett has gone on to perform at the Red Dot Design Museum, as part of their bi-yearly MAAD Sounds!, and SingJazz Club. Bennett was invited to perform at the first inaugural Neon Lights Festival, held at the Fort Canning Park, where he was one of four local music headliners (including Hanging Up The Moon, Lost Weekend and Paint the sky Red) among an array of international acts which featured internationally acclaimed artists such as Damien Rice, Rachael Yamagata, Mogwai and more. Bennett recently released his debut single Komorebi, and will begin recording his first full-length album Compass in July. Inspired by emotions, dreams and everyday occurrences, Bennett's brand of acoustic music will take you to places that you've never been, propelled by the combination of lush acoustic guitar, strings, horns and more.
Rishi Kumaar 13 Aug, Sat 7.15–8pm 8.30–9.15pm 9.45–10.30pm Esplanade Outdoor Theatre
Rishi Kumaar is known in the Indian entertainment circle as a singer-songwriter and versatile actor. He has written many compositions for television dramas on Vasantham. At Red Dot Radio, Rishi and his ensemble of local celebrity singers will perform hit television theme songs of local programmes from the '90s to the present.
Chen Wen Hua featuring Intune Music's Evan Liao & Jamie Lee 14 Aug, Sun 5.15–5.45pm 6–6.30pm 6.45–7.15pm Esplanade Concourse
Marking his return to songwriting after a 10-year hiatus, Chen Wen Hua showcases his newest compositions that are close to his heart. The singer-songwriter will be on the piano, joined by Intune Music artists Evan Liao on the guitar and violin, and Jamie Lee on percussions.
The Lost Box 14 Aug, Sun 7.15–8pm 8.30–9.15pm Esplanade Outdoor Theatre
Brought together by their passion for music, what began as a group of friends jamming at HDB void decks soon became a trio doing what they love most for a living. The Lost Box have been pursuing music full-time for the past three years as a cover band. Their humble beginnings include playing at neighbourhood bars, a Korean restaurant and Fish & Co. The boys are now proud to hold a residency at Wala Wala and Barossa in Holland Village. As much as Dale, Darren and Jed enjoy playing their audiences' favourite top 40 hits and evergreen classics, what they really want to do is share their original music and story. Listeners can expect a rocking good time and the same feel-good vibes from the boys, this time on a more intimate level as they play songs off their debut soon-to-be-released EP, Years Lost.
Imagine Music 15 Aug, Mon 6.45–7.15pm 7.30–8pm Esplanade Concourse
Elaine, Joann and William are two singers and a keyboardist from Imagine Music Sg. They have more than five years of performing experience and have regular gigs at various venues in Singapore. Joann Wu was also one of the top 16 finalists in Project Superstar 2014. Through their renditions of local drama theme songs, they hope to create more awareness and support for good local music and compositions, as well as encourage more people to enjoy music and singing as a relief from their hectic work lives. A small step of simply penning down one's thoughts and feelings is a great start to the journey of songwriting!
Zuo En 16 - 18 Aug, Tue - Thu 6.45–7.15pm 7.30–8pm Esplanade Concourse
Zuo En is a songwriting enthusiast. Influenced by different genres, she composes melodies and pens her own lyrics, demonstrating great versatility and talent in music. Fascinated with the emotions that minor chords create, she weaves them into her quirky songs, which bear her love for sharing her emotions and thoughts. Using contrasting elements while evoking different moods with her music, she continues to experiment and bring out the best of herself.
Zuo En has performed at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre and Concourse, The Arts House, Switch by Timbre, Singapore e-Awards, VOID Fest 2015, as well as other stages and venues. She has also released her very own original single, ?? (Fantasy).
Anthem of Hearts 19 Aug, Fri 6.45–7.15pm 7.30–8pm Esplanade Concourse
Formed in 2008 by Ganesh Murusamy, Anthem of Hearts (previously known as Sharnaz) has grown from a small acoustic trio to a 13-member group. Influenced by hindustani and carnatic music, jazz, Middle Eastern music and rock, the band gives their own take on popular songs. Currently led by the keyboardist Jordan Joshua, the band continues to create their own compositions. They have performed at Esplanade, for Vasantham programmes and events, and have collaborated with renowned bands from India, such as MaatiBaani, and have also performed for Oscar award-winner, AR Rahman. Anthem of Hearts will be presenting local compositions that were made popular through television programmes on Vasantham, MediaCorp.
Reyza Hamizan 19 Aug, Fri 7.15–8pm 8.30–9.15pm 9.45–10.30pm Esplanade Outdoor Theatre
Reyza Hamizan is a 26-year-old award-winning music producer, composer and singer with a diploma in music & audio technology from Singapore Polytechnic. Ever since graduation, he has written, composed and produced music for television. His songs have been nominated for various Anugerah Planet Muzik awards over five consecutive years since 2012 including Best New Artist in 2014 and Best Artist Collaboration in 2015. He won his first accolade as a composer for Mediacorp Suria's television series Bingit in 2015 at the station's inaugural Pesta Perdana Awards show. His heartfelt lyrics are relatable and uplifting, spanning topics closely related to the heart such as love, family and friendship.
LUSH 99.5FM Live Broadcast 20 Aug, Sat 6–8pm Esplanade Concourse
LUSH 99.5 takes centrestage at Red Dot Radio with its live broadcast at Esplanade! Join DJ Elias and independent local artists Bennett Bay, Leon Markcus and Ethel Yap as they perform on the show. What's more, you could be one of 10 lucky winners to walk away with an Esplanade tote bag specially designed by Supermama and an exclusive Red Dot Radio pin!
Red-dot Fusion 20 Aug, Sat, 7.15–8pm, 8.30–9.15pm & 9.45–10.30pm 21 Aug, Sun, 7.15–8pm, & 8.30–9.15pm Esplanade Outdoor Theatre
Enjoy radio-friendly tunes and fresh interpretations of familiar songs by local composers through the years. Featuring singers Vanessa Phang, Juni Goh, Amanda Lee and Benjamin Hum, accompanied by a band comprising Clarence Chung, August Lum and Josiah Suthan.
Hillary Francis 21 Aug, Sun 5.15 -5.45pm 6–6.30pm 6.45–7.15pm Esplanade Concourse
Hillary Francis is a composer who writes songs from his heart. His songs are a reflection of his soul and speak the inner feelings and messages of goodwill that he wants to share with his listeners. Most of all, they bring out his creativity. His lyrics also carry depth, emotion and good sense. In short, he is a composer who feels for people, his surroundings and greatest of all, his Creator. Hillary makes an immediate impact on his audiences with his powerful voice and unique style. Besides English oldies, he also sings in many languages. He has been a composer, singer, guitarist, drummer and entertainer since 1965, and has been a private music tutor since the mid-'80s, tutoring children from as young as seven to adults in their 70's. In 1969, he released a single with The Sandboys titled Candlelight. He has also produced three charity albums: A Tribute To Mother Teresa (1997); A Dedication To Mother Mary for the New Millennium (2000), in conjunction with the Jubilee Year; and Peace (2013). In 2011, he wrote a A Song For Japan (Nihon Kara Tsunami No Uta) to raise funds for earthquake and tsunami victims.
Leon Markcus 22 & 23 Aug, Mon & Tue 6.45–7.15pm 7.30–8pm Esplanade Concourse
hua Jun Rong, Leon, or better known as Leon Markcus, is a singer-songwriter who started out at the age of 15 performing in bars around Singapore. In addition to that, Leon has also penned lyrics for mini competitions and charity events, such as Kovan Superstar 2012 and Happy Feet Slipper Race 2013, under the mentorship of Peng Chi Sheng of Intune Music, whose clients include DJs from 933FM, 972FM and 958FM. One of Leon's works came out in the top 40 of a songwriting competition hosted by MTV Asia and Lenovo. In May 2014, Leon participated in the annual 987fm Star, for which he made a series of short films and music videos available on 987FM's official YouTube page. He came in as the first runner-up in that competition. Months later, he released his debut single Circles via YouTube and iTunes, which was well received and gained the attention of Lianhe ZaoBao. Leon is currently working on his debut EP Mannequin.
Ethel Yap 24 & 25 Aug, Wed & Thu 6.45–7.15pm 7.30–8pm Esplanade Concourse
Ethel is a singer-songwriter influenced by folk outfits like The Swell Season, Glen Hansard, Lisa Hannigan, Ray LaMontagne and Fleet Foxes. She seeks to find authentic ways to tell stories and ponder issues of identity and purpose through song. Ethel was a mentee in the NOISE Music Mentorship (2015) under Randolf Arriola's guidance and has performed gigs in haunts for local singer-songwriters like Artistry cafe, Barbershop by Timbre, Lepark and Starker Music. She is also a theatre actress, having worked with many notable theatre companies such as Pangdemonium, W!LD RICE, The Necessary Stage and The Theatre Practice, and seeks to build her artistic practice across various disciplines. Ethel is currently working on her first EP.
Matt- Q 29 Aug, Mon 6.45–7.15pm 7.30–8pm Esplanade Concourse
Having struggled with severe learning difficulties since young, and being diagnosed only much later in life, Matt-Q empathises with those who have similar difficulties and has made it his personal mission in life to help them overcome their limitations and develop a healthy sense of ability and self esteem. The singer-songwriter has released eight solo albums consisting of original songs about growing up in competitive Singapore and how he was able to overcome his disabilities with the help of loved ones. Let Matt-Q regale you with his candid and heart-warming compositions, ranging from jazz to English and Mandarin contemporary songs, and musical theatre genres.
Stanley Ho 30 & –31 Aug, Tue & Wed 6.45–7.15pm 7.30–8pm Esplanade Concourse
Stanley Ho is a local singer-songwriter who writes and sings about living in Singapore. His sound is mellow and filled with melancholy, inspired by his observations of everyday Singapore, his experiences and his loved ones. Music is to him an expression of his losses and frustrations, while sleepless nights fuel his writings. He has played at songwriter showcase Verses with The Diarists, as


Stefanie Sun   

Stefanie Sun is one of the most famous people in Singapore and one of its most popular musicians. At the age of 36 she has sold a whopping 30 million albums and is still going strong. Though she is born and bred Singaporean, her HQ is in Taiwan and, as you would expect, she is just as popular in China and Hong Kong as she is at home. In those countries she is known as Sun Yan-zi. She by no means just an Asian sensation, however, with a huge following in the US.
One of the reasons why Stefanie Sun's music crosses so many borders and cultural barriers is her ability to sing in various different languages. Much of her output is in Mandarin Chinese, though she also sings in English on numerous tracks. Plus she has a gift for mastering many different Chinese dialects in her music. For example, her hit tune Cloudy Day contained lyrics in both Mandarin and Hokkien.
Yet it is for her musical innovation and beautiful voice that Stefanie is best known. Her 12th albums contain an extraordinary catalogue of powerful, soaring pop music, mixing together styles and rhythms from all over the world in a dynamic sound cocktail.
Her debut LP, Yan Zi, was released in 2000 and was an instant success. Selling nearly 4 million copies across her home continent, it marked Sun out as one of the most talented newcomers on the Asian pop scene. Her second album, My Desired Happiness, third album Kite and fourth album Start were all similarly popular, selling upwards of 4 million each.
So popular was Sun after Start that she was chosen to sing the Singaporean national anthem at the National Day Parade of 2002 and 2003.
Her extraordinary rise continued unabated, with big selling albums and massive tours. In 2006 the first cloud on her horizon came when she put in what was considered a below par performance at the Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan. During her spot, she sang a number of cover versions, though her renditions sounded off key and lethargic. For the first time, Sun's critics turned on her and she was blasted in the Chinese press. However, just one month later, she played a triumphant concert in Taipei, where she sang all the same songs perfectly to a rapturous reception.
Sun's personal life has been as happy and successful as her career. In 2011 she married Nadim Van Der Ros, the founder of the Good Bean Consultancy, who she had been dating for about 5 years, and the following year she had their first child, a boy.
Meanwhile, her hit albums continue to come thick and fast, selling massively around the world. Her 12th record Kepler hit the shops in 2014 and was followed by a massive world tour. The tour ended with a very special gig in Singapore National Stadium in July of that year, making her the first performer to grace its newly rebuilt stage.
There is no question that Stefanie Sun has had an incredible career and, given the resilience, talent and charisma of this young lady, it is quite a good bet that it will continue to be incredible long into the future.

Baybeats Music Festival  

Southeast Asia's leading alternative music festival, Baybeats 24 – 26 Jun 2016, is your best bet to get your heart thumping while watching prominent Singapore and international acts. Renowned for its variety, the annual three-day festival showcases a large array of genres, from folk, pop, metal, post-rock, emo, punk, electro and everything in between. Located at Esplanade -Theatres on the Bay, the event is 100 percent free and non-ticketed.
The way the festival is able to be free-ticketed is that it serves as a platform for local bands to make a name for themselves. However, the event's focus on fostering home grown talent goes beyond music-making, as it also gathers the best of local talent in other creative fields such as music journalism, gig photography, video arts, among others.
For any local band who wants a shot in the music business, the Baybeats team is always on the lookout for good music bands and fresh sounds for “the next round of music mayhem”. Therefore, local bands can send them their material and they promise to go through every CD. Accordingly, this is a guarantee that the team will not rest until they have the best possible line-up for each festival.
With a festival village that brings together local indie crafters and entrepreneurs, the festival also celebrates the music-loving lifestyle.
The three main performing stages include the Baybeats Arena (Outdoor Theatre), Powerhouse Stage (The Edge) and the Chillout Stage (Concourse). There is also a series of magazine-style interview sessions at the Observation Deck (Library@Esplanade).
The performances are known for being an explosion of adrenaline for festival-goers. From home grown indie to the alternative music scene, the sounds are electric. In 2014, singer-songwriter Jaime Wong drove the audience into a state of ecstasy with his tender yet bluesy showcase of original tunes in a laidback unplugged set.
As well, psychedelic-rock quintet Spacedays at the Arena, or Outdoor Stage, rocked the festival with a multi-faceted, out-of-orbit set that was at times trippy, groovy and soulful. And a hardcore band Straight Forward played a heartrending setset at the Powerhouse stage .
The newcomers from the festival's Budding Bands programme also gave legendary performances. While post-rockers Sphaeras enchanted the audience with complex song structures, the pop-punkers Attention! The New Portsdown made the audience jump to the beat of their sassy tunes. More info at


Singapore most patriotic music  
Singaporeans have plenty of reasons to be proud: a beautiful island home to live in, a thriving multicultural community, a brilliant education system, good healthcare, booming economy – right now Singapore is a country that has it all. Many Singaporean's have felt the need to set their feelings of national pride to music over the years. In fact, given how small the nation is, it's pretty amazing how many patriotic songs have been written about it.
Here we look at some of the most famous odes to Singapore, including their most stirring, country-praising lyrics.
Song for Singapore – Corrine May
Singer, guitarist and songwriter Corrine May is one of Singapore's best loved musicians. In 2010, she showed that this loved was reciprocal, with the beautiful Song for Singapore.
I want to sing Sing a song for Singapore With every generation there's more to be grateful for So come and sing Sing a song for Singapore You're my brother, you're my sister I'm thankful for my Singapore My Singapore Singapore
There's No Place I'd Rather Be – Jimmy Ye
A Singaporean Chinese singer whose 1993 album Give Me Your Love was a huge success. One of the highlights is There's No Place I'd Rather Be, a tribute to his home country.
There's no place I'd rather be You'll always be a part of me And even though I've roamed the world It's still my home I long to see
What Do You See? – Electrico
Since first hitting the indie scene back in the mid-1990s, Electrico have been one of Singapore's leading rock bands. What Do You See? is their most patriotic song.
See the moon and the stars
Look how far we have come
Look around at our faces
They shine brightly in the sun
With our hopes and dreams
Imagine what tomorrow it may bring
What do you see? What do you see?
Semoga Bahagia – Zubir Said
Written in Malay by famed Indonesian composer Said, the title of this tune translates as ‘May You Find Happiness.'
Sama-sama maju ke hadapan (Together we progress) Pandai cari pelajaran (Clever at seeking knowledge) Jaga diri dalam kesihatan (Take care of your health) Serta sopan-santun dengan kawan-kawan (And be courteous to your friends)
Onward Singapore – Zubir Said
Where else to end the list then with the national anthem itself? Officially in Malay, the English lyrics are below:
Come fellow Singaporeans
Let us progress towards happiness together
May our noble aspiration bring
Singapore success
Come, let us unite In a new spirit
Let our voices soar as one
Onward Singapore
Onward Singapore
Come let us unite
In a new spirit
Let our voices soar as one
Onward Singapore
Onward Singapore
Neon Lights  

Neon Lights, a new major music & art destination festival, will blaze a trail across the region's festival circuit come this November. The first of its kind in Singapore, and taking its cues from the world's greatest music festivals, Neon Lights will illuminate the historic Fort Canning Park on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th November 2015 with a rich and vibrant music and arts programme encompassing international and local music, dance, theatre, comedy, art & design installations, spoken word and children's workshops.
Built on an uncompromising philosophy of collaboration and community, the inaugural annual festival will run from 1pm till late each day, and will incorporate every nook and cranny of Fort Canning's three main outdoor event spaces – Fort Green, Fort Gate and OMSQ. Neon Lights promises a premium multi-disciplinary, multi-sensory experience for everyone, regardless of age or interest, set across six stages – Neon Lights Stage, Neon Gardens Stage, Club Minky, Cloud Factory, Lit Up @ Neon Lights and Easy Street.
The first 16 acts of a superbly eclectic music line-up are released today. Handpicked from over 10 countries across 5 continents; Neon Lights' headliners are the legendary hit-makers USA's CHIC feat Nile Rodgers – one of the most influential producers and prolific musicians in the history of popular music - and multi-platinum-selling singer-songwriter Ireland's Damien Rice who will play his first Singapore show in nearly a decade.
Brilliant cult mavericks USA's Mercury Rev make their long-awaited return to Singapore right off the release of their latest album and upbeat party acts Flight Facilities from Sydney and New Yorkers Ratatat will play their first-ever shows here.
Other acts making their first trips to Singapore include legendary UK shoegaze trailblazers Ride, the hypnotic Songhoy Blues from Mali, Mancunian world-fusion DJ Mr Scruff and the Asia premiere of Kiasmos – the groundbreaking new audiovisual electronic project from Iceland composer and pianist Olafur Arnalds; who needs no introduction to Singapore audiences – his last trip here in 2013 saw him sell out two nights at the Esplanade Theatre. Kiasmos' show will be preceded by Swedish techno demi-god Axel Willner aka The Field.
The Neon Lights and Neon Gardens stages will showcase a stellar music line-up spanning genres and decades, blending international stars with local heroes, including sensory rockers Hanging Up The Moon. Also on the Neon Lights bill so far are cool punk-meets-bossa-lounge act Nouvelle Vague from Paris, gifted Japanese multi-intstrumentalist Shugo Tokumaru, introspective indie folksters USA's Sun Kil Moon and Singapore's Bennett Bay, and the new queen of dream pop USA's Julia Holter. More acts will be announced in the coming weeks.
Families with kids will be entertained by the interactive sideshow, circus, comedy and cabaret performances at Club Minky, followed by children's wearable art and movement workshops by MySuperFuture at Cloud Factory. For fans of the spoken and written word, Lit Up @ Neon will be a literary treat with performances, readings, panel discussions and interviews.
The holistic festival will feature three distinct performances each night at Cloud Factory by some of Singapore's most innovative sound, video and performance artists, all curated by Noor Effendy Ibrahim, former artistic director of The Substation and Teater Ekamatra. Also, attendees will get to participate in a live street art and culture celebration on Easy Street curated by Recognize Studios and Sideshow, alongside the breakbeats of hip-hop artists and scratch DJs.
“All our favourite outdoor music festivals from around the world have great arts, great food and a real sense of family as integral to their offering. While Neon Lights is first and foremost a music- lovers festival, it's also for people who are looking for something more – performance, workshops, installations, comedy, delicious food and other surprises, all combining to make one of the most nourishing, uplifting weekends of the year. That's the aspiration.” Jennifer Jennings, Producer & Arts Programme Director.
Neon Lights is organised by a team of international award-winning festival experts, including co- founders of Electric Picnic (IRE), Clockenflap (HK) and Harvest Festival (AUS), in collaboration with the experienced and dynamic Singapore team.
Early Bird & Family Weekend Tickets on sale from 9am, Tuesday, 8th September at,, SISTIC ticketing hotline +65 6348 5555, and Limited supply of early bird tickets available and Under 18s conditions of purchase apply. Single day & group tickets on sale soon.


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