New Video from The Animal Parade

New Video from The Animal Parade
singapore music scene video shootingThe Singapore music scene is thriving in ways that contradict the idea that all bands need to get signed by a big label if they are to get their name known. One of the reasons behind this is the influence of social media on youth culture today. Ever since the advent of the internet sharing with people has become easier. Now social networks have replaced word of mouth and kids share their new music on this platform more than anything else, particularly on sites like Myspace. One video that has captured the zeitgeist perfectly is a new music video by The Animal Parade, called A Family Line, a Chinese New Year.
The song is a sweet sounding social commentary about the way girls feel pressured to get hitched before it is too late and they miss their opportunity, as if that is everything there is to life. The 24 year old Tan Siling got the idea for the song when it occurred to her that many girls felt the same way she did about these issues. Specifically, that people were focusing too much on getting a boyfriend and settling down into family life before their time. The song took two days to compose and in the hilarious video she performs with her fellow Singaporean band mates in a range of costumes.
Siling said: "CNY is looming for most girls out there, and it's a topic that often surfaces during conversations with family and friends.
The video opens with some dialogue between the vocalist Tan Siling and her real father in which he tries to convince her getting a husband should be her number 1 priority. She said: "The storyline was very impromptu, totally spontaneous.”
Then it cuts to the boy members of the group who are dressed in drag and singing with their guitars. One even dresses up like a gorilla later in the piece and Siling was obviously impressed with their comedic skills, saying: “The boys are hilarious to watch on a regular basis, so make-up and wigs really upped it 10 notches. I struggled to keep a straight face while filming.”
The video has received rave reviews and the comments box on YouTube has been in overdrive as people seek to congratulate the band on their innovative sound which skirts on some quite serious issues for young girls. Siling said: "We're quite overwhelmed by the support we've received.”
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