The Arena Club

The Arena Club
Every international City has its landmarks which distinguish it from the crowd and Singapore is no different in this regard, with multiple buildings and relics of forgotten times which give it a special quality. Like any other destination, you can get a map from the tourist board to find all of these historic attractions; but finding good music in any city can be a little more challenging. Usually, to find the best music you have to be in be contact with a local lounge lizard who can show you the backstreets where the real beating of heart of the music scene is hiding. But Singapore has one building where good music is always playing, and that is The Arena.
This is cited as Singapore largest live music venue, so it is comparable to the o2 Arena in London as it is a place where people travel from all over to listen their favourite artists play live. But what does this music venue offer which is different to the norm? Well firstly, it has 10,000 sq ft of space which caters to all types of live music shows. Having this amount of space is a blessing to people who want to create spectacular shows, and there is a freedom here to let your imagination go wild.
And this level of space has another benefit, because it then has the capacity to attract bigger named artists. The Arena then can be viewed as the jewel in the crown of Singapore's live music circuit as it has become a regular destination for big international music acts. These include artists from the United States, Britain and Australia.
One man who was in The Arena Club recently was the hip-hop star T-Pain, who is a regular collaborator with Lil' Wayne on songs like “Can't Believe It”. T-Pain has one of the most recognisable voices in the world of rap and has racked up well over 50million YouTube views. This shows just the calibre of star that Singapore, and by extension the Arena Club, can accommodate. There is simply no better setting in the world to have a party.
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