Xinyao Heading Towards the Climax


Xinyao in Singapore

Singapore Chinese folk-pop music, also known as Xinyao emerged in 1980s and according to singer-songwriter Liang Wern Fook, who is a pioneer in that genre, it shouldn't be just about nostalgia.
Innovations are required and for engaging new audience, it should be featured on new platforms, he adds.
For this reason, in November, pioneers of xinyao, Wong Hong Mok and Liang as well as Lee Wei Song, a famous composer will be featuring in a real life concert.
As a part of Crescendo, a new xinayo-themed drama, the snippets of filmed concert will be aired. The drama will debut in October on Channel 8. Liang, 50, a recipient of Cultural Medallion said that people are of the view that xinyao concerts just are able to attract middle-aged audiences. He also cited the movie That Girl in Pinaforce (2013), which included a xinyao soundtrack. That movue appealed to new immigrants and students who did not have any memory of xinayo. Liang spoke on Tuesday at a press event for the concert. He, Lee and Wong (better known as Huang Hongmo) will also appear in the drama. While the cast, including Ann Kok, Darren Lim and Christopher Lee, will be in character.
According to Liang, who is behind Singapore Pie and Xi Shuo Chang Liu (a xinyao classic), the set list of the concert is still in works. One thing is for sure, Liang is bound to give a fresh spin on classics. For instance, it can be a duet new talents such as the local singers Bonnie Loo or Ling Kai or with “old friends”, Lee and Wong. Wong, who has been turning the Chinese poems of local poets into famous songs and made a great impression with his self-written title track of also his debut album, will also sing his new compositions.
Although the tunes from South Korea and Taiwan are prominent these days on the Asian music horizons, but he isn't discouraged. Wong says that the composition should not be stopped just because of the reason that they are not being given due attention and it should also be determined that why the listeners have been turning to other songs instead of xinyao. He also says that they can start over and find some suitable new material. If the songs are good they will surely gain traction and back then they did not know that xinyao would be able to get so much attention of the listeners.
Lee, 47, says that he would like to make his contribution to local music by utilizing his abilities to groom the new talent. He and Si song, his twin brother, have mentored the Singapore's Mandopop singer Stefanie Sun. Singer-songwriter Ling Kai, their new protégé has appeared last year on Sing My Song, a reality TV singing show of China's CCTV.
The Lee brothers are widely considered to be established hit-makers, having written songs for famous Asian pop heavyweights like Jacky Cheung and Jam Hsiao.
Lee also says that even the local Singaporean behind-the-scenes talent, musicians and music arrangers are sought after by the overseas singers. So they need to believe that there is no shortage of talent in Singapore.


SAM TSUI live in Singapore 2019


Sam Tsui live in Singapore 2019

Sam Tsui has been hailed as an internet singing sensation, who along with his production partner Kurt Schneider was among the first musicians to establish a hugely popular music-focused channel on Youtube. To date, his videos, including covers, medleys, and mashups, have amassed over 500 million hits on Youtube alone, with each new release, including his debut original album “Make It Up”, and his brand new 2018 album "Trust" contributing to his ever-expanding worldwide fanbase. A graduate of Yale University, Tsui has been able to harness the ever-changing tools of the digital music age to independently create an internationally popular channel and brand, garnering him countless TV and magazine appearances, including the Oprah Show and Ellen Show, and brand partnerships with brands like Coca Cola, Kia, McDonalds, and Samsung. Turning his digital success into ticket sales, he has toured extensively throughout the US, Asia, and Australia, with plans for more touring in 2019. Sam continues to use his powerful digital platform to share his distinctive music and creative video content with his fans, the "Samily"

Show Info
Date: Sunday, 17th Novermber 2019
Venue: Capitol Theatre / 17 Stamford Road, Singapore 178907
Showtime: 8.00pm
Doors Open: 7.00pm
VIP: S$179 (Inclusive Meet & Greet)
General Admission: Early Bird $S79* / Regular S$109
Early Bird available until 15 Oct or sold-out
All prices exclusive ticketing & processing fees
All tickets are free standing and seating


Thunder Birds


thunderbirds singapore

The sound that thundered the Singapore people with hit songs “My Lonely Heart and You were Made For Me To Love” was sung by the popular Singapore band which was formed in 1963, by a tie up with a guitarist Derrick Fitzerald. This band waved the Singapore stage for nearly two decades. The Thunderbirds won the competition, which was held between Beatles versus Rolling Stones. This is the competition for the band to prove themselves and to turn as professional musicians. Later on they wrote and composed many songs and performed on various stages on the Singapore island for a decade. Finally The local Singapore band settled in the year 1980 at the Stately York Hotel. The two hit songs with which the band popularized were released in the year 1966 and 1967 respectively. The Thunderbirds band with some internal changes continued until 2007 in York Hotel and their career came to an end with the drop out of Fitzgerald (who had attacked a stroke) and with the decline in the business in the bar.

Team mates:
As days pass on, there are some additional singers added to the band and some internal changes within the band. In place of Derrick, his brother Harvey was replaced to play guitar, and Fitzgerald's brother Ivan a vocalist, newly added to the band. At the end of 1960, an Organist, a bass instrument player and drums player were also added to the band. The most remarkable change occurred in the year 1975, that is, by the marriage and migration of Fitzgerald and Heather Batchen.
Career record:
Philips company was the first to release the band's first EP under its label in 1965. The slide guitarist, Derrick Fitzerald, who produced a distinctive sound just by using a comb composed a hit song My Lonely Heart… which thundered the Singapore and Malaysia. This song reached the heights of the Singapore music scenario and inspired the youth of island people . The band in the year 1967 released its second recording which was composed and presented by Harvey Fitzgerald. The second composition (“You Were Made…….) is an exceptional hit by Thunderbirds for the decade.
Stage Entries:
Usually the band troops move frequently, but , this local band stayed constantly from the beginning of their introduction. They stayed for a long time in the York Hotel until 2007, with internal changes between the singers. The band gave many stage entries starting at the British military camps in Seletar and at night club on Orchard Road. The band gave regular performances at The Pub, American Club and Sheraton Hotel and at last they settled at the York Hotel. In this hotel they nearly played for many years. In 2004 the band along with 11 other members raised the funds and supported the bar authority not to close the bar.
Looking back the Singapore's music in 60's was still alive and inspiring the youth of today. What a notable change made in pop music with the local singers and made that decade as a “Golden” Era of Singapore for pop music. London is known as the best country for its pop music in 1960's, but the local band of Singapore, beat the record of London and remarked as the best music time for the youth in nation. The band stayed permanently in Singapore, and the local band made popular and got fame internationally.
Popular Compositions:
In the year 1965, Some of the popular compositions of The Thunder Bird's band are Little Lady and I'm Sad As I Can Be, My Lonely Heart and Hey Girl in the year 1966, and in the year 1967 My Hula Girl and You were Made For Me To Love respectively.


Looking back to 2015


Ed Sheeran Singapore Music

In the middle of 2015, Singapore is facing its golden age in their music industry. Youngster interest on the indie label makes a big expansion for the Singapore music artists to launch their masterpiece. It has open a path for the local artist to bloom inside their own country independently. This period is called to be a spotlight on Singapore independently music scene.

Their masterpiece didn't just sell a lot of copies, but also in a good quality. Some of those great examples of shining albums are Charlie Lim's (Time/Space), The Observatory's (August is the Cruelest), .gif's (soma), and Cheating Sons'.
This Golden Age has made a lot of new artists to pop out from all over the country to show their talent of music. A lot of music production has been made through several label recording, and songwriting skills have been tested. But in turn, the rivalry between the Singaporean music artists have become harder. It also raised a topic about concerning the limitations to become a music artist in Singapore. It's a pity to block embedded talent of the musician of Singapore, for real. Although they can do the touring and the promotion to maintain their existence.
What progress could Singapore music artists have in 2016? What a surprised, that just for about one-year interval, they didn't make a progress at all. The other way, they already sinking on their career. Slowly, they have begun to stop recording or performing music. Even some of them have sold their music equipment through Carousell.
Here are some of their testimonial; One of a musician, who didn't want his name to be told, said that he knew he couldn't avoid performing to cover Ed Sheeran after receiving the check that has come in from Spotify. While the others said that his album has exploded in 2015, and one of the main singles of that album has racked over 50,000 viewers on YouTube, but he has to spend a lot for his show to support that album. At first, he's so happy, but after SG50 (referred to 50 years Independence Day of Singapore), he thought that he didn't feel inspired anymore. Another musician also said the same thing after performing Baybeats, that she feels her existence in the music industry has been threatened. On her last time performance, she felt humiliated because she only performed at Hood Bar with only 20 people's audience. She's so angry and said that she doesn't want to feel unwanted anymore. As the impact, she decided to move to Berlin and apply for a job as a freelance photographer to find herself.
A lot of another musician will announce their exit from music industry in the following weeks. But, what about the still-existed artist? When they've been asked, this is what they said: Joel, from the “I Killed the Murder Victim” band has said that they didn't want to do it anymore, but they still have a lot of contracts to covers Parkway Drive. Our other source is James, a singer, and also a songwriter. He also didn't sure about his career in the music industry at this uncertain period. He chose to get focus to his doctorate like his father always want him to. But it is a good thing that he decided to keep his acoustic guitar and the synthesizers with him for his leisure activities, and not throwing it. His talent may be proven again someday, in a better condition than this period. It's a shame to have such a lot of talent to be devastated and shattered into pieces. They have been disappointed and give up to this condition. But who knows, that someday they talent will be avowed by the world.


The Notorious B.I.G.


music Biggie Smalls

Getting back on early 1990's, there's a famous name comes up in mind when talking about Hip-Hop Music. Christopher Wallace, known better as The Notorious B.I.G. or Biggie Smalls, was started his career history in music as a rapper. Furthermore, He had a big influence in socializing and developing modern Hip-Hop music. He had taken place in a rivalry between West Coast and East Coast Hip-Hop music of this decade (1994 until 1997).

But the bad news that he is getting famous that day, not because of his song, but merely because of this West Coast and East Coast Hip-Hop war. Big and Tupac Shakur had become an important character at that age. The dispute between this two sides didn't look like which one is better at making a qualified hip-hop music, or any other things related to music talent in a healthy and positive way, but it is like a gangster war between those sides, not only in their music but including a real robbery and shooting. This commotion always catches media and society attention.
Actually, Big has a very good talent in music, especially at making lyrics. As always, he is said to be a very good storyteller through his hip-hop music. His lyrics are easy to understand, his rap style flowing like a dialogue between characters in his song. His message is clear, so the audience may understand the complexity of the rhyme structure, also with the wordplay he added to the song. We can see this clearly in one of his song, "Warning".
Big's music, as the other similar genres of rap music at that age, contains violence, alcohol, drugs, and criminals. He also encloses his actual life in his song. This is also the contents of his album, "Ready to Die". This album's concept is telling his life from when he was born, his rough childhood moments, grow into a teenager and meet drugs, his struggle in life, starts his career in music, until before this album was released. Ready to Die albums by Bad Boy Records, produced between collaboration with Sean ‘Puffy' Combs, Easy Mo Bee, DJ Premiers, and Blues Brothers.
Before release his first album ‘Ready to Die' in 1997, Big has been shot to death by an unknown assailant while driving in Los Angeles. That was the end of his full of story life journey. While still mourning for him, 16 days later, his album has been released. This album has become a big kick in hip-hop music industry. This is approved by this album becoming a number one in album charts in U.S. and receive a Diamond certification, which is rare for a hip-hop album to receive such a certification. It has become a classic, due to its no-doubt quality. It's too bad that he could just make this one album, and U.S. has lost one of the best hip-hop lyricists.
Biggie's life, as his story tells in his album, has not had a beautiful life. He has been through a lot of things and full of struggle. At childhood, he already has a rough life, surrounded by drug addicts and the dealers. Once he becomes a teenager, not surprised, he sells drugs. He also goes to jail for 9 months. After his debut in the music industry, he still lives in such a condition, because he has to deal with gangster life through gang-banging due to this West Coast and East Coast dispute. He feels the excitement for living such a life. But, despite that, there's also fierce of violence and a lot of threats happen to like a vicious circle, he cannot get out from. His commercial name ‘Notorious' might be coming from his story of life.


The awfully convenient world of vinyl


singapore music guide vinyl

Maybe nowadays, it became greater the number of releases and special editions on vinyl where many are designed in a more modern, extravagant and colorful way, and even with new packaging. These "special" editions are the justification for dealing with the high price tag that the Record Store Day charge.
For fans and music lovers who buy physical albums, which is growing increasingly, even in the age of Spotify, it becomes a depressing disadvantage - where the release of new albums took the place of independent labels. Collecting Vinyl experience gained exclusive releases, regardless of the fact that the record was not the only supply source of musical material. Long before Napster piracy music was already present in countries like the former Soviet Union and Taiwan were the counterfeit vinyl production, and this practice has grown on a large scale by dealing with highly collectable items.
In the 70s, while the US soldiers were in Taiwan, they could hear all the new releases through locally pressed records, which these days are desired and purchased due to the eccentric and colorful layers of vinyl. Meanwhile, the black market bustled releases of Western rock music for music lovers of Soviet Russia by a few even pressed records discarded in floras of X-rays.
One of the most recent news was the fact of how the new album "The life of Pablo by Kanye West have hit record stores with clear and pink vinyl. Ironically, Kanye while his statements in the past were notoriously hyperbolic, this once declared that "the Life of Pablo" will never be released in physical formats where the album was not released on vinyl or by his record company or for him.
These copies were sold online or in record stores sold by an independent company in Europe have been identified that are scams. These copies were found errors in the order of the tracks that were leaked in the records of printed matter MP3s.
This version, of course, gained notoriety where everyone is eager to see the launch. However, this type of occurrence is not common where many other titles of R & B and hip-hop, especially the popular, obtained the bootleg treatment.
Titles like Drake If you are reading this it's too late, Rihanna ANTI, Frank Ocean ORANGE channel, A $ AP Rocky At.Long.Last.A $ AP and 'Death Grips Exmilitary were sold as colored vinyl by pirates online retailer of digital vinyl, based in Germany making these albums exhausted completely, and in turn causing the prices would rise highly.
Because these records are printed in relatively limited quantities, as was the increase in demand, the prices charged by them had a high scary. Vinyl for the Orange channel came to be sold at a cost of up to £ 39.52 (SG $ 80) for second-hand dealers in comparison to the price sold in the beginning it was € 12.95 (SG $ 19.70).
What is the real reason to buy bootleg vinyl? The hi-fi vinyl audio reproduction is one of the clearest vinyl sales of reasons for many of these consumers - even this point is something entirely debatable - and possibly all, of the bootlegs, are from the MP3 files and CD sources unless these two are not accessible enough to get Studio- quality data. Vinyl medium is delicate, and a source of sub-par can ruin a good piece of wax.
One of the reasons for the high demand of the sale of vinyl albums is the fact that most of these bão albums were released in a due manner by vinyl tape recorders, making the needs of desperate collectors and fetishists for these securities were met by smugglers.
In the US and throughout Europe, the bootlegging new vinyl goes far beyond hip-hop titles, and you can find many other types of recordings, including live recordings. The lavish prices and the original presses led consumers to invest in buying classic albums without any reissue, which have also been pirated, leading them to buy bootlegs Aenima of Tool albums, Valentine and My Bloody Loveless.
The bootleg vinyl will continue its course of production from the moment that demand persists, even with the new fact that police raided and seized the largest underground pressing plant in Europe. Many of these vinyl collectors still supply their wants by the sound quality of many titles - even with the parallel unhappiness in contrast, as the artists lose their work profits from the because of this piracy.
It is not an easy solution to the problem. However, it is clear that the artists do not lose anything if they emit their titles on vinyl. However dealing with the global demand is not easy or even fight the smugglers who seem to have been sending messages too quickly to address these needs.
In March 2015, after the digital release, Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp A Butterfly, was published in wax and as soon as it was also pirated. These vinyl sales have gained frightening proportions and preaches a model of one of the bastions of recent die sales of these albums until then considered traditional. However, as the labels do not appear to meet the demands and needs of consumers, surely someone will do it for them.


MAYDAY SG Festival 2019


Mayday Parade

Floridian rock band Mayday Parade is set to return to Singapore on 1st of May 2019 headlining Skesh Entertainment's second installment punk/rock/emo full-day festival, aptly titled MAYDAY! SG. On the lineup will see Australian pop punk band With Confidence making their debut stop in Singapore. Regional support by Forests, Sekumpulan Orang Gila, Defying Decay, Tell Lie Vision, Thirds and MerchCow Battle of the Band winner.

Mayday Parade
Ten years ago, a group of friends from Tallahassee, Florida formed a band and traveled the country, selling their CDs to anyone that would listen in a parking lot at Vans Warped Tour. Building a following from the roots up, one fan at a time, Mayday Parade has garnered a lifelong massive dedicated fan base, in their evolution from hard-working local band to global force, thanks to energizing concerts and four studio albums full of heart-on-sleeve lyrics. With a catalog of six studio recordings, the band is celebrating their beginning with the 10th Anniversary Edition of their beloved debut album A Lesson In Romantics. This will be the band's 4th appearance in Singapore.
With Confidence
With Confidence
With Confidence are an Australian pop punk band from Sydney, Australia formed in 2012 by high-school mates Jayden Seeley, Josh Brozzesi and Samuel Haynes. Inigo Del Carmen joined soon after and the band started to get traction with their debut single “Stand Again” on YouTube. After the release of their debut EP ‘Youth', the band continued building fan base and played local support for 5 Seconds Of Summer, The Gateway Plan and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. In 2016, the band signed with Hopeless Records and released their debut album “Better Weather”, followed with touring across Australia, Japan and USA for the entirety of Vans Warped Tour. After a short touring hiatus in 2017, the band returned in 2018 at Warped Tour and released their 2nd album “Love and Loathing” on 10th Aug 2018.
Other bands on lineup: Forests (SG), Sekumpulan Orang Gila (MY), Defying Decay (TH), Tell Lie Vision (SG), Thirds (PH) and MerchCow Battle of the Band winner (tba)
Show Info
Date: Wednesday, 1st May 2019 (public holiday)
Venue: Zepp@BIGBOX Singapore / 1 Venture Avenue, Level 3, Singapore 608521
Starts: 2.00pm
Doors Open: 1.00pm
General Admission: $79
At Door: S$99
All prices exclusive credit card and Eventbrite charges
All tickets are free standing Tickets available now at Eventbrite website
Facebook Event Page
About MAYDAY! SG Festival
MAYDAY! SG Festival is a 1-day music festival, organized by Asia Pacific specialist touring promoter Skesh Entertainment, featuring international and regional pop punk bands and other sub genres of rock and metal acts. Skesh raised significant attention after bringing UK's hottest pop punk outfit Neck Deep to the heart of the city and the region that witnessed a huge turnout. Skesh has been responsible for many successful regional tours by prominent international acts like Red jumpsuit Apparatus, Miss May I, Colerain, I See Stars, Chuck! No, Captain Chunck!, Issues, Mayday Parade and has also been driving force and catalyst for many regional bands' exposure in securing live performance opportunities in Asia.


Sunshine Event


sunshine nation

The sunshine nation is an entity that was created in the year 2012. Since then the organization has become anonymous with great music, people and events. This is an entity that has been responsible for large scale festivals like the one they did at Fort Canning, hosting yacht parties around the Andaman Islands. They have also been responsible for putting together block parties in places like Boat Quay streets. This is a company that has had very great success in the most if not all their ventures. They are also responsible for organizing grand balls in upscale bars and their functions are always exceptional providing the unique experience their patrons have gotten accustomed to. The company has only been around for four years but already they have acquired the standard of a nightlife juggernaut within Singapore. Their success is accredited to the emotional connection they have forged with their audience. They have taken their time to form a community of loyal followers thanks to the lifestyle ventures these people have decided to undertake. This is a company that does not rely on any one major act but has created their own rotating community of major acts. In this way they won't be stuck in a bind if they have some form of unexpected mishaps or miscommunication. The way these people operate ensures that their patrons support them fully and for the long term.

Chit Chat with the boss
Talking to the director of Marketing and their Director of Events and Operations, Alexander Linnerth and Bernhard Schwarz respectively, they expresses their philosophy and the growth of the Sunshine National. They are two Austrians that created the company that offers the people of Southeast Asia unique music to complement their lifestyle concepts. The two entrepreneurs saw a new niche in a market that they could easily exploit. There were no organizations like Sunshine National in Singapore four years ago the two young men took their opportunity and as not looked back since.
The love they both have for music and travel lead them in the decision to creating this company. They have successfully created a company that combines great music and travel with events to provide new experiences that like-minded individuals can share. The pair was inspired by the concepts of events such as Lighthouse Festival, the Wilderness, Primavera and Yacht Week which are all very dynamic and successful festivals. The direction in which this company is going is the exact direction the founders want their business to head. The goal of the business is to do exactly what they are doing right now and this has not changed. They have promoted some of the most unique themed events and to many surprise, these events have been major success. The main aim of the company right now is to satisfy the need of their loyal community of followers.
Getting Started
It was a hard task getting in to this type of field in the country of Singapore and even more difficult to growing a community of loyal followers. Garden Beat is described by the founders as being the perfect festival celebrating god food, music and friendship in an ideal setting. The initial event that they promoted was the Sail Spin event. This is their most memorable event with the concept of sailing the islands of the Andaman. This was the first company to promote and event with this unique theme and to many surprise this was a very big success for the promoters. This was an event that none of them will soon forget. They have also stated with their own mouths that it was probably their all-time favorite event.
What to expect
The business head of this company might tell you that Sunshine Nation will provide only the best in good music, a difference in event concepts and a never before experience. The loyal community of followers of the Nation will probably tell you to expect the same thing. The last event just happened on 9th March 2019. There are many events planned for the next year. The same quality that fans of the Sunshine Nation has come to love and expect is the same quality that this entity plans to continue delivering top their loyal followers and the potential ones as well. This is a company that provides new experiences in terms of nightlife and event promoting.


Role of the fans


Inch Chua

"Support local!" — This is a simple word or slogan that completely depends on involvement in circles around you; it can be a refrain even as a command. "Support local lah," the sheepish comment that was given by a musician who was on the stage "Support local", a point or comment on Facebook added with smiley sign emoji or victory. Think of what do you mean to say when you point “support local”. You may always ask the question before; the context is needed to be described. "Support local!" the passionate merchandise seller defines you to peruse shirts and CDs.

It's pretty fine to describe Singapore's indie music scene, which is thriving popularity presently. It might be the dawn of a new golden age; these are the words of Eddino Abdul Hadi of the Straits Times. Hadi is a musician by profession and a veteran of the scene undoubtedly; there are numerous players that are helping Singaporean music to get the spotlight in op-ed for going from strength to strength.
Hadi extensively did coverage of the painstaking work done by musicians, with labels and supporting organizations, but it's about the fans. They said that they are at gigs with home-grown indie talents." This comment is true but no one asks about the fans locally?”
Now let's think again and we thought for discussing "fans" because they're an inclining vital subgroup that has been a long lasting cause for curious fretting among the rest part of the scene. What a musician can be without an audience? Are local musicians capable enough to compete with international musicians for Singaporeans' eyes and ears? The perennial questions and worries are seemed to have been answered and assuaged by healthy crowds at gigs; it is having an encouraging chart show on iTunes.
The line for the release show Gentle EP in the year were extended till the block. Inch Chua, Charlie Lim, and Great Spy Experiment Hall where been sold at the music venue. Take Two and more, Great Spy Experiment, Gentle Bones, The Great Spy Experiment, The Sam Willows that can be enjoyed in the iTunes.
The line for the release show Gentle EP in the year were extended till the block. Inch Chua (in photo), Charlie Lim, and Great Spy Experiment Hall where been sold at the music venue. Take Two and more, Great Spy Experiment, Gentle Bones, The Great Spy Experiment, The Sam Willows that can be enjoyed in the iTunes.
Hadi noted that "the indie scene is no industry yet but only a mere scene. Many musicians do odd jobs to pay the bills and it's not new to walk away for the musicians. The blame should not be on the fans alone; there are multiple reasons why the scene is undeveloped as it's like now. Somewhere, it's true that as Singaporeans have been accustomed to accessing local music as free or cheap.
No need to look hard at all to find a free show. The most vital and important festival of Singapore is Baybeats.
Just ask fans about Charlie Lim, who has been clamouring physical copies of his latest album, Time/Space.
It would frankly be rude to define shame to people, who takes the cheap route to tight finances. It would also be exclusionary priceless to all Singaporean music to the extent the participation in the scene which becomes expensive. But it doesn't hurt to reconsider the ways to pay (or don't pay) for local music, and perhaps buy the favourite band for a round of beers after a gig that will be really enjoying. It's not rare to hear the accusations that Singaporeans value international music more than home-grown sounds, just because it'll shell out hundreds of international bands' but not extend the same to local ones.
The international music still dominates the Singaporean airwaves. Local bands always open for international headliners, never another means of around — if it ever happens at all. It's not unfairly common for people to mentally separate the locals with the international and make a comment as "This is the favourite band of mine and it's, of course, local!"
Whether it's making tribute art, or to volunteer for some music festival trying a hand at gig photography or booking local bands for a show, the possibilities are endless. The investment depends on the music scene. When listening earphones or when you are in the concert as an audience is no longer enough for the audience; know that it always takes the first step to working.


Music scene uncovered


Music scene uncovered

This article aims to reveal the backdrop of Singapore's music scene, as a wide range of musicians and artistes provide their share of the story. The music scene went from a quiet dead period to a lively one. It has been more than 20 years since rock and roll was banished underground, bars are prohibited from playing jukeboxes and men are not allowed to keep their locks long and hairy. Now Singapore has revived the music scene to top levels once more. Bands after bands can be seen progressing from performing privately in their rooms to shaking up audience via live performances on stage. This is just the beginning.

A dozen of independent musicians, bands and entrepreneurs were gathered around to hear them speak their mind on an uncensored manner. First in the list is Bandwagon founder Clarence Chan. He shared that there is an obvious uprising in the music scene, in areas of talent pool and artists. Digital media helped expedite the rise. Local band Gentle Bones were famous within a short span of time from the first videos produced. The hit song had more than hundred thousand views. Gentle Bones went from Youtube star to renowned mainstream musician with a contract with Universal Music.
Bandwagon aggregate performances and there is a steady increase in gigs by 28% every year. Pubs are more open to hiring local bands. Beer Market started an Original Sundays theme day for local bands to perform. Timbre Originals as well as Hood Bar are also some of the pubs embracing local bands.
Bands have taken control to organize their shows. JAWN is the perfect example of a singer-songwriter who took charge of everything right from album launch to CD décor and distribution method. They have good attention to details. The music scene begin to boom due to the singer taking charge of their baby project. The passion is in them. They were able to handle posters décor, marketing and managing their Facebook page.
Cellist for Vox, Tow Huiwen shared that it is much easier to produce music. Singapore's population has become more receptive for local gigs since the last few years. There are plenty of platforms to market a musician. Musicians are partly responsible for their own career besides relying on organisers. Guitarist for Stopgap Grayson was concerned that there is over saturation. Vocalist for Stopgap Adin Kindermann begs to differ and commented that good music will take care on its own and people will readily share good music. Grayson replied that the most important issue to address is to make a music stand out. Adin further commented that creativity is imperative in order to make money. Bands must ferociously market themselves. That is the only way to earn a teens' money.
Bands must be true to themselves to succeed and the best tracks are the ones that are unconventional. Band must strive to perform better for every performance and it is positive for all. Musicians must be creative on their distribution as well. For example, a unique method could be giving out codes or links for download. It is easy and convenient.
Entertainment head for CE´ LAVI Joshua Pillai began as a DJ. His had his first gig when he was 13 years old. His dad owns a company specializing in DJ entertainment and he could have the opportunity to perform when other DJ were absent. This is a good practice and he knew music is his life whenever he goes back home. He was happiest when he got into DL console. He performs at the same level of energy for one or thousands of people. He started from the underground music scene, playing all genres from funk to soul. He enjoyed the attention at the underground music scene as he was less well-known. I recently changed only when he joined CE´ LAVI.
Grayson concurred that the ones who look for you in the underground music scene are the best supporters. Joshua Pillai commented that not all is smooth sailing as there will be times where there is no crowd. There will also be rude crowd showing vulgarities and handing out weird requests. Some even wanted him to play a tune from his private phone. It can be tough facing these abuses. Nevertheless, as more people start to appreciate musicians as decent jobs, there will be opportunity for pay and salary progression and gigs will be paid a fair reward.


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