Best Jazz Pubs

Best Jazz Pubs

The thumping sounds of clubs or the acoustic melodies of a busker in Singapore's nightlife would be incomplete without certain sounds associated clubs and revelry centres. If you are a jazz purist or simply enjoy the sweet sounds of sax and double bass floating through the air, these are the best places in town to catch live jazz performances. The first one is Maduro (in photo). This Dempsey Hill mansion is not haunted by a Bent-Neck Lady. It's plagued by something far more frightening for food and beverage operators: an undiscovered third-floor space. Room for More, Peter Ng's listening lounge and bar, is being replaced by Maduro, ilLido Group's listening lounge and bar, less than a year after it opened. The 64-year-old is a first-time food and beverage proprietor, a former jazz pianist, and a real estate broker who spends his days flying between Singapore and London. Maduro is divided into two concepts, inspired by the numerous cigar bars in the United Kingdom where he has closed deals. To the right is a living room jazz parlour that features a rotating roster of Singapore's top musicians; to the left is a private den that is only accessible by invitation. On most Fridays and Saturdays, when guest performers take the stage, there is a $30 cover charge, which is redeemable for a house-poured spirit or wine. The remainder of the menu is straightforward. By the bottle, you can choose from whiskies ranging from the approachable Talisker 10 Years ($230) to the absurd The Macallan M Black ($18000), as well as wines such as Château Haut-Pougnan Bordeaux Rouge ($90) and a 1952 Château Latour Premier Grand Cru ($2500). Alternatively, order a classic cocktail (starting at $22), a beer (starting at $20 for a Corona), or a pour of other spirits (beginning at $22). Although the prices are high and the selection is limited, you've come for the music. Settle into an orange couch and allow the maestros to transport you, each note chasing away the ghost of insignificance that stalked the space previously.

The other one, Monti, a swanky Italian restaurant and bar, is brimming with activity by the bay, has taken over the space previously occupied by Catalunya at Fullerton Pavilion. Chef Luigi Calcagno's creations include the Signor Monti ($52), a grilled monkfish fillet wrapped in pancetta, and the cacio e pepe ($39), a cacio e pepe risotto finished with a wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano and topped with black truffles at the table. At 9 p.m. each night, resident DJs Adam Sky, Stephen Day, Tirso Garcia, and Victoria perform sets that seamlessly transition you from dinner to cocktails. Mr Monti ($22), a white rum, freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, grapefruit tonic, and basil tonic highball, is a must-try.

The other jazz playing club is known as The Powder Room. This pub at The Black Swan is yet to establish a foothold on the local bar scene, which is a shame. Yes, it is another hangout for the post-work crowd due to its CBD location. Julian Serna, the group bar's mentor, has revamped the menu, breathing new life into the cocktails. To complement The Powder Room's flapper '20s décor, the playful mixes are divided into categories (Light & Fruity, Rich & Full-flavored, and Complex & Stiff). Bubble Yum ($21), a fizzy prosecco, lime, mint, raspberry, and bubblegum vodka cocktail served with a helium balloon, and Thank You for Smoking ($21, pictured), a spirited concoction with notes of cigar, coffee, whisky, and cherry, are two standouts from the former Eau De Vie alum.

Bob's Bar is the other jazz-playing pub in Singapore. Mojitos, Cubanos, and Latin music abound at Bob's Bar, which was recently renovated. Apart from 15 new rum-based cocktails and a menu of bar bites ranging from the familiar (wagyu satay, anyone?) to the mildly exotic (Frijoles Colorados), the joint receives a dose of Cuban charm on weekends, courtesy of its live house band. Additionally, a newly renovated alfresco terrace allows you to enjoy your sundown cocktails in style.

The last one is Lewin Terrace. Lewin Terrace is a fantastic dining restaurant that combines French techniques with the freshest Japanese ingredients, with a seasonally changing menu. This spring, the restaurant is offering five- and seven-course menus that incorporate ingredients such as cherry blossoms and mountain vegetables to celebrate the beauty of spring. Only in the spring does the restaurant bring in sakuradai, a sea bream harvested during the sakura season and pan-fried with sakura ebi and asparagus. Another standout is the Chef's Wagyu Meets Tiger, a wagyu beef brisket stewed in Tiger Beer and served with dried figs and apricots for sweetness.