Where Heritage Meets Artistry

In the heart of Singapore's civic center lies an enclave that's a tapestry of heritage, art, and vibrant energy— the Bras Basah & Bugis precinct. This district, often referred to as the Triple B, offers a glimpse into Singapore's rich cultural tapestry, preserving history within its architectural marvels and exuding an unmistakable liveliness.

A Tapestry of Heritage

Amidst modernity, Bras Basah, one of Singapore's oldest districts, embraces its historical roots. Its name, derived from Malay, traces back to the days when the Bras Basah River banks were used for drying wet rice. As the chosen European quarter in the early days of Singapore, it became a melting pot, accommodating multicultural communities, schools, and places of worship.

Nearby Bugis Street, named after the seafaring Bugis traders from Indonesia, echoes tales of its vibrant past. Once a bustling hub for sailors, hawkers, and military personnel, it now stands as a testament to Singapore's colorful history.

An Energetic Hub

Today, the Bras Basah & Bugis precinct pulsates with an infectious energy. Museums like the National Museum of Singapore and the Peranakan Museum adorn the area, while majestic national monuments like the Armenian Church and Central Fire Station pay homage to bygone eras.

Universities such as the School of the Arts, Singapore Management University, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, and LASALLE College of the Arts https://www.lasalle.edu.sg/ contribute to the district's vibrant spirit. LASALLE, in particular, stands as an architectural gem and a hub of creativity worth exploring.

The district comes alive during the annual Singapore Night Festival in August—a week-long extravaganza celebrating art, culture, and luminescence. The festival ignites Bras Basah & Bugis with street performances, cultural displays, and luminous installations, transforming the city into a radiant spectacle after dark. It's a captivating opportunity to rediscover Singapore in a whole new light as the streets become a canvas for artistic expression and cultural celebration.

Bras Basah & Bugis—the very essence of Singapore's heritage and artistic soul—are a treasure trove waiting to be explored. Here, history and modernity merge seamlessly, offering an unforgettable experience for families eager to soak in culture, art, and the vibrant energy that defines this remarkable district.

NFTASIA Launch Event During Token2049 Singapore

NFTASIA, a new and fast-growing web3 event and conference brand that aims to spark the next wave of NFT and web3 breakthroughs through the unification of Asia, partnered with Polygon to host the NFTASIA Launch Event, during Token 2049 Singapore on 29 September 2022.

NFTASIA Launch had caught the attention of the web3 space overnight with 2000+ invite-only attendees queuing to enter and supports from various asian NFT communities, including Kaijukingz (Singapore), Zipcy (Korea), Azuki Chinese and Singapore, Clone X Chinese, Doodles Chinese, and Bored Ape Yacht Club Singapore.

"We're very humbled by the support we've received. NFTASIA is here to spark the next wave of NFT and web3 breakthroughs in Asia by Asians. This launch event is our Chapter One. There will be more events and conferences produced by NFTASIA across different cities across Asia. We are truly sorry to the attendees who queued up for hours. We will continue to improve to serve the community better in future," Joshua, Executive Producer of NFTASIA and Founder of CrowdServe (the company behind NFTASIA), shared.

Among the attendees, the event also attracted high profile celebrities including Champ Medici (Snoop Dogg's son), Keisuke Honda (international soccer celebrity), Kevin Lin (Co-Founder of Twitch) and Kevin Nishimura (Co-Founder of Transparent Arts and Rapper of Far East Movement). ShiGGa Shay (Rapper and Music Producer), Iman Fandi (Singer) and Dharni (Grand Beatbox Battle Champion) also supported by showcasing their NFT collections and performing during the event.

"We were not expecting such a turn out. When we saw how hundreds were queueing up patiently to enter the event, we knew that NFTASIA was onto something big. We too believe that through the unification of Asia, we can create greater access to talents, capital and partnerships. We're very excited to see what NFTASIA and the CrowdServe team is going to build next," shared by Aishwary Gupta, Head of Fintech and Chief Of Staff Defi, Polygon (the presenting partner of NFTASIA Launch Party).

During the launch event, Yap also announced that there will be an NFTASIA conference happening in Singapore, May 2023. This conference is expected to be one of the largest web3 experiences in Asia, for Asians, by Asians.

NFTASIA is an IP produced by CrowdServe, an NFT ticketing solution and web3 events production agency.

X-PITCH 2023 Announces Global TOP100 Startups

X-PITCH is delighted to introduce 2023 TOP100 startups. Chosen from a pool of over 3,000 startups around the world, this year's selection showcases a diverse and vibrant ecosystem of entrepreneurial talent. X-PITCH 2023 is driven by a shared commitment to accelerate deeptech innovation across four vital domains: Healthcare, Advanced Manufacturing, Sustainability, and Digital Economy.

The statistics speak to the global reach and diversity of the competition. Among the semi-finalists, 88% originate from Asia, while the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Africa collectively make up the remaining 12%. These startups are at various stages of development, with 53% in Seed/Pre-A, 40% in Pre-Seed, and 7% in Series A/B. The categories they represent reflect the pressing needs of today's world, with 39% focusing on digital economy, 29% on sustainability, 20% on healthcare, and 12% on advanced manufacturing. For a closer look, find the TOP100 shortlist at www.xpitch.io.

X-PITCH 2023's overarching theme revolves around "Accelerating Deeptech." The primary objective is to foster innovation that not only advances technology but also contributes to the betterment of society. With a commitment to "Tech for Good," the competition aims to harness the power of deeptech in addressing critical global challenges.

X-PITCH is renowned as the X Games for Startups, thanks to its unique and challenging pitch contests. This iconic startup event offers founders the opportunity to win investments, accolades, and invaluable exposure. The competition has a history of hosting pitches in unconventional locations, including skyscraper elevators, self-driving cars, and even MRT. This year's semi-finals take place on the Singapore River, where startups will pitch aboard the city's iconic bumboats.

The journey culminates with the selection of the TOP10 startups from the semi-finals, who will advance to the finals at the National Gallery Singapore. The Grand Finale, scheduled for November 9th, will see the presentation of ten awards. The Deeptech Summit, a focal point of the event, will feature thought leaders exploring deeptech's transformative potential in different industries.

Since 2021, X-PITCH has expanded its global footprint, reaching over 50 countries, engaging 8,000+ startups, and involving more than 100,000 participants. The competition has been instrumental in securing a total of US$2 million in investment prizes and over $38 million in funding for the winners. Beyond the competition, X-PITCH's global partners will provide a range of value-added activities to benefit the TOP100 startups. These activities include market access seminars, pitch training, workshops, investor matching, and more.

Hosted by XCEL NEXT and e27, X-PITCH 2023 is made possible through the support of Enterprise Singapore and A*StartCentral and is co-organized by top organizations from ten Asian economies, including Block71 Singapore, BSSC, Cool Japan Fund, DOST-PCIEERD, HKSTP, HUB.ID, KOVA, MDEC, TA, TINVA, TusStar, and VITTBI. The event is proudly sponsored by AIOX Apex Angel Fund, Foxconn Technology, Media OutReach Newswire, Quanding EMC, and Yulon Motor.

"I am excited to extend an invitation to deeptech investors and stakeholders. X-PITCH 2023 aspires to be a platform for deeptech innovation, bringing together outstanding startups from across the globe in the shared pursuit of groundbreaking solutions. We cordially invite you to join us for the Finals & Summit in Singapore on November 9th, where these visionary founders will take center stage, contributing to a future where technology serves the greater good," said K. Yu, Organizing Committee Chair of X-PITCH 2023.

Tech Week Singapore

Artificial intelligence (AI) has experienced a breakout year in 2023 even going into music. The rapid democratisation of AI is leading to a surge in wide-spread adoption across industries, with many companies integrating the burgeoning technology into their products. However, the brave new world of AI brings about new challenges such as cybersecurity, sustainability and ethical concerns. Balancing the risks and rewards of AI was one of the hottest topics at Tech Week Singapore, Asia’s leading technology event organised by CloserStill Media. More than 600 technology pioneers, leading businesses, and public leaders convened to discuss the complexities of AI.

“In 2022, the world woke up to ChatGPT, and for many of us, this moment ushered in a new era for Generative AI,” remarked Dr. Aik Beng Ng, Regional Manager of NVIDIA AI Technology Centre. “We are just beginning to realise the true potential of AI where it meets the physical world. Currently the AI experience is very much digital. The next generation of AI is where AI meets the full extent of every industry out there such as transportation, manufacturing, and more.”

However, the benefits of AI are matched with threats in equal measure. Dr. Magda Chelly, Co-founder of Responsible Cyber, said: “On one hand, AI technologies have the potential to amplify cyberthreats, weaving a web of complexities, including its usage by various stakeholders in an ecosystem. This phenomenon would raise exponential risks, and might create a domino effect when a cyberattack or data breach happens. Such a scenario might not only lead towards a disruption but a full-scale interruption within a wider supply chain and ecosystem.”

She added: “Yet, we also see an unparalleled opportunity for AI to bolster our cyber defences, especially when incorporated into data analysis and process optimisation. By embracing AI in cybersecurity and third-party risk management strategies, businesses gain a clearer visibility into the cascading risks in their ecosystems. It's crucial to understand that AI doesn't merely represent the threat horizon but is an essential ally in navigating it.”

At Cyber Security World Asia, the Singapore-based startup Responsible Cyber unveiled IMMUNE X-TPRM, their innovative AI-powered platform that not only monitors real-time ecosystem and third-party risks, but also anticipates risk scenarios, ensuring businesses remain steps ahead of potential breaches, while simultaneously enhancing operational efficiency and compliance through intelligent automation.

In the gold rush towards AI, it is also important to pay attention to data centres as the critical infrastructure supporting the greater demand for computing power. The server computer density that AI requires also generates significant heat and consumes a large amount of water for cooling, which presents energy efficiency and sustainability challenges. Governments are emphasising the importance of sustainable growth with countries such as Singapore announcing a sustainability standard for data centres operating in tropical climates.

Schneider Electric Singapore recently announced they are investing SGD1.2 million to collaborate with the Sustainable Tropical Data Centre Testbed in Singapore. This announcement is in the lead-up to their keynote speech at Data Centre World Asia on key strategies to measure and manage sustainability in data centres on October 12th.

“2023 marks the year that AI exploded into public consciousness. As we enter this new age of AI, there are more questions than answers. How can leaders separate tactics from media noise and what are the priorities for business leaders entering this new AI-enabled future? What strategies will make sense to a small-medium enterprise versus a multinational corporation?,” said Andy Kiwanuka, Managing Director for Asia Pacific at CloserStill Media. “At the heart of Tech Week Singapore is a multi-layered content programme for leaders to share best practices and envision new possibilities where technology is the enabler for a better future.”

Tech Week Singapore will run until 12 October 2023 at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre.