Best Selling Singles and Albums

Best Selling Singles and Albums

Did you know that BTS featured the bestselling album in 2020 in the US, Japan, and South Korea? It's great to identify some of Singapore's best-selling music. Think of it: In 2020, Abba Gold topped the charts with the greatest hits that shook the Singapore music scene for quite some time.

Other albums that did quite well in Singapore within the same period include Michael Learns to Rock, Paint My love, Celine Dion's Falling into You, Savage Garden, Alani Morisette's Jagged Little Pill, Savage Garden, Aquaaaquarium, West Life's Coast to Coast, Celine Dion's Let's Talk About Love, Spice Girls' Spice, Brittney Spears' Oops! Talk on Corners by the Corrs, Backstreets Back (Backstreet Boys), Ace of Base (Happy Nation), Feels Like Home (Norah Jones), Fever (Kylie Minogue), Enigma (MCMXC AD) and Elvis Presley's Elvis.

Several productions also sold well, including the Corrs in Blue, Black-eyed Peas (Elephunk) and No Need to Argue (Cranberries). Baby One More Time (Brittney Spears), Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie ( Allanis Morisette) and Dido ( No Angel) also performed exceptionally well. The story doesn't end there- we still have; Savage Garden's Affirmation, Back for Good (Modern Talking), Dido No Angel and Blue One Love made the list as some of the top-selling albums in Singapore. Norah Jone's Come Away With Me, Andrea Bocelli's Sogno, the Cross of Changes (Enigma), Blue All Rise and Christina Aguillera's Stripped also made the big list.

Not to be left behind were other blockbuster pieces- these include Keep the Faith (Bon Jovi), George Michael's Older, Nelly Furtado's Loose, Nothing to Lose ( Michael Learns to Rock), Space Jam, High School Musical, Unplugged ( the Corrs), Sting Brand New Day, to the Faithful Departed ( The Cranberries), Live at the Acropolis, All That You Can't Leave Behind, The Best Damn Thing ( Avril Lavigne), Nothing Left to Loose ( Foo Fighters), Cher Believe, Blue Guilty, Made in Heaven ( Queen) and Madonna's GHV2 1G. Others were: Whitney Houston's The Greatest Hits, Toy Box's Fantastic, the Cranberries Stars, The Smashing Pumpkins, Red Hot Chili peppers ( The Way), Dream Land ( Robert Miles) and Pure Instinct's Scorpions.

Apart from albums that did well within Singapore, other music productions sold many copies throughout Asia and elsewhere in the world. For example, when BTS released Map of the Soul, the new Japanese album, they probably didn't expect to produce the bestselling album in Japan, Korea, Singapore and the US in 2020. Nevertheless, it took only one week for the blockbuster album to top the charts in Japan. Within a week of being released, the hit sold well over 564,000 copies. In its native South Korea, the album sold more than 4 million copies, claiming the coveted spot as the all-time bestselling album in Korea.

Overall, the crème de la crème of Singaporean music includes several top-selling albums that have ruled the national music charts for some time. Here are some of the best local songs that must feature in the individual Singaporean's personal playlist.

Geniuses and Thieves - Gentle Bones

When he first came up with several popular songs, including Settle Down and Until We Die, Joe Tan was hugely celebrated as ";Singapore's Ed Sheeran."; Later, some of Joe Tan's bestselling songs included Thieves EP and Geniuses in 2016.

Only Yours- Bani Haykal

Only Yours has done quite well, raking up some big sales. The hit features Bani Haykal, the well-known Offcuff and b-quartet member. The song is essentially a hypnotic track that brilliantly captures just about everything it should.

Mirage by Sezairi

As they say, a picture really speaks a thousand words. The painted mirage (that adorns this pop tune) actually does the same. The song starts as a short two-cord piece that slowly blossoms into a highly irresistible 3-minute track. Anyone who has ";dancing feet"; cannot possibly resist. No wonder the song did very well on the local music charts.

Kalah by Fariz Jabba (featured: OmarKenobi)

If you really love music, you'll find it hard trying not to vibe to the Kalah (or ";lose"; in Malay). This is the veritable brainchild of specific hip hop trailblazers, OmarKenobi and Fariz Jabba. The rapping comes out both in Malay and English. This is one unapologetic track, amped with highly infectious synths, witty bars and trap-inspired beats. A really wacky music video accompanies it. Yeah, this one did quite well in sales.