Getai Group

Getai Group

It was in 2015 when Timothy De Cotta, Carmen Low as well as Lionel Ang discovered the Getai Group. They have exerted so much effort in trying to pursue the local arts as well as the music world to its new ventures. This group has made it to the top all the time whenever they join some events like the Getai electronica, Getai Holidays, Getai Mash+Ups to name some. Their viewpoint is very inspiring, since it has been focused on reaching the Singaporeans and make them believe and love all their original arts. It has persuaded to see them lured to more than 10,000 who have attended the local centric and other alternative themed events for the previous years.

The Getai Group is even eager in attending some concerts and parties, even those that were thrown at a beaten path venue. Their efforts never stopped and so do their rigid programming, even if it has slowed off, however, they have fueled a healthy and well appreciated culture in boosting the Westernized community. The discussion has focused on the passion of the Getai Group's co-founder and they're one of a kind bassist Tim De Cotta. How everything has been built together, their objectives, their dream, the challenges that they have gone through, how they faced the Getai Soul in 2016 and the dependable individuals behind their success.

It was Tim who courageously talks about how the Getai Group started. He took back the people to where they began. As he tells it all, Getai Group is an outcome of a soaring struggle and hard work. It was Getai Electronica that took them into the limelight. It was their very first big event that they were not familiar with and never expected things to be that big. During those times, Lionel Ang as well as Carmen Low who planned to put up the Lepark had a chance to be involved in the TAJ that happened in January. It was a show that the group is conducting at the Esplanade Waterfront Stage. It was for the benefit of a show entitled All Things New. They fell in love with it right away and then move towards the rooftop show. Tim just said yes to this show without even having second thoughts, he uttered.

How did he feel about it? It was a mixture of probabilities as well as the chance to have an added experience as well. But the truth is that, it may have been noted down if it occurred over a year back, since Tim never knew who they were in the first place, he also didn't know about the predictions as well as the sources they have had. However, there was something that just enabled him to pursue the event and say yes. They exchanged phone numbers and after a week's time, Tm went to the Lionel to the rooftop of the People's Park Complex. This is where they have been blown away. How about the primary Getai Electronica event took place? TAJ has been an apple of the eye, said Tim. To this day, they are still considered as a family as they released their debut EP a week back prior to the Getai Electronica event that occurred on February 7 of 2015.

There was also a realization when he was on the rooftop. He has thought of if it will just be a mess to just have a particular band with the use of an incredible place, particularly with the city skyline sight. So he came up with a mini concern, it was a ghetto style for 5 bands to join. It was from 5pm-10pm. He contacted who he thought will work perfectly for this show and in 2 days' time, he got confirmations from Disco Hue, GIF, Spacedays, TAJ as well as the The Good Life Project. All of these take place just 1 week before the said event. It was just so simple to promote the show that will be held at the rooftop to anyone. It has been so basic for me.

Tim, Carmen and Lionel banded together to pull over their means as they come in contact with the F&B, marketing and sounds, however, they did not really do so much and before they knew it, the rooftop party was just spreading all through the social media. It was all because of the Coconuts as well as the Bandwagon who took up all of it. They are the ones that spread the news to the other online editorials and through social media. It was very surprising how soon the people were able to take the news and more media are asking about it through their online portals. It was just so surprising, knowing that all have been roughly prepared and it was just all a Do It Yourself preparation.

They were all shocked at that point, knowing that they have used the basic tools, which they carried. They also just use some crates to complete the stage setup, all of the musicians who joined us carried the crates and stacked all of them as well. It was just all basic, from the concepts to the execution of the musicians who joined them. It was just a joyful event knowing that they did what they have to do under the heat of the sun. They also do the setup of the stage and at that point in time, they do not have any idea of what is in store for them. However, there has been a belief in what they do. Who would think that a DIY event like this will gather more than two hundred people at the onset of the night. As the night went on, there were more than a thousand people all relaxing and enjoying the night. It was just so amazing to see them having fun with the groups.