Part 1: Hidden Jams for Music-Seekers

Part 1: Hidden Jams for Music-Seekers

Wala Wala Café Bar

This bar is located in Holland Village and if you're planning to head there, do arrive early. Once the bands start playing their live music, you will be hard pressed to find a good seat in the house. A solid music house with good beer and duck-roasted pizza, regulars and new-comers form a healthy mix in this two storey café.

Actors the Jam Bar

Located at South Bridge Road next to the 7-11, this bar has an atypical concept. Instead of inviting bands to jam, “the customers are the stars”. At Actors, customers are given the opportunity to be a star for the night. One can choose to go up on stage and sing on the top of her lungs, play impressive chords on the bass or impress the audience with amazing skills on the drums set.

Do not confuse this venue with a live-karaoke session though, some of the customers who go on stage are pretty amazing so be sure to double check your own talents before heading up. Customers are generally supportive but the house wouldn't want a performance akin to a chicken being slayed alive, right? Another branch has recently opened up at Scape Mall, Orchard so take your pick and you will definitely be entertained or doing the entertainment for the night!