The awfully convenient world of vinyl

The awfully convenient world of vinyl

Maybe nowadays, it became greater the number of releases and special editions on vinyl where many are designed in a more modern, extravagant and colorful way, and even with new packaging. These "special" editions are the justification for dealing with the high price tag that the Record Store Day charge.

For fans and music lovers who buy physical albums, which is growing increasingly, even in the age of Spotify, it becomes a depressing disadvantage - where the release of new albums took the place of independent labels. Collecting Vinyl experience gained exclusive releases, regardless of the fact that the record was not the only supply source of musical material. Long before Napster piracy music was already present in countries like the former Soviet Union and Taiwan were the counterfeit vinyl production, and this practice has grown on a large scale by dealing with highly collectable items.

In the 70s, while the US soldiers were in Taiwan, they could hear all the new releases through locally pressed records, which these days are desired and purchased due to the eccentric and colorful layers of vinyl. Meanwhile, the black market bustled releases of Western rock music for music lovers of Soviet Russia by a few even pressed records discarded in floras of X-rays.

One of the most recent news was the fact of how the new album "The life of Pablo by Kanye West have hit record stores with clear and pink vinyl. Ironically, Kanye while his statements in the past were notoriously hyperbolic, this once declared that "the Life of Pablo" will never be released in physical formats where the album was not released on vinyl or by his record company or for him.

These copies were sold online or in record stores sold by an independent company in Europe have been identified that are scams. These copies were found errors in the order of the tracks that were leaked in the records of printed matter MP3s.

This version, of course, gained notoriety where everyone is eager to see the launch. However, this type of occurrence is not common where many other titles of R & B and hip-hop, especially the popular, obtained the bootleg treatment.

Titles like Drake If you are reading this it's too late, Rihanna ANTI, Frank Ocean ORANGE channel, A $ AP Rocky At.Long.Last.A $ AP and 'Death Grips Exmilitary were sold as colored vinyl by pirates online retailer of digital vinyl, based in Germany making these albums exhausted completely, and in turn causing the prices would rise highly.

Because these records are printed in relatively limited quantities, as was the increase in demand, the prices charged by them had a high scary. Vinyl for the Orange channel came to be sold at a cost of up to £ 39.52 (SG $ 80) for second-hand dealers in comparison to the price sold in the beginning it was € 12.95 (SG $ 19.70).

What is the real reason to buy bootleg vinyl? The hi-fi vinyl audio reproduction is one of the clearest vinyl sales of reasons for many of these consumers - even this point is something entirely debatable - and possibly all, of the bootlegs, are from the MP3 files and CD sources unless these two are not accessible enough to get Studio- quality data. Vinyl medium is delicate, and a source of sub-par can ruin a good piece of wax.

One of the reasons for the high demand of the sale of vinyl albums is the fact that most of these bão albums were released in a due manner by vinyl tape recorders, making the needs of desperate collectors and fetishists for these securities were met by smugglers.

In the US and throughout Europe, the bootlegging new vinyl goes far beyond hip-hop titles, and you can find many other types of recordings, including live recordings. The lavish prices and the original presses led consumers to invest in buying classic albums without any reissue, which have also been pirated, leading them to buy bootlegs Aenima of Tool albums, Valentine and My Bloody Loveless.

The bootleg vinyl will continue its course of production from the moment that demand persists, even with the new fact that police raided and seized the largest underground pressing plant in Europe. Many of these vinyl collectors still supply their wants by the sound quality of many titles - even with the parallel unhappiness in contrast, as the artists lose their work profits from the because of this piracy.

It is not an easy solution to the problem. However, it is clear that the artists do not lose anything if they emit their titles on vinyl. However dealing with the global demand is not easy or even fight the smugglers who seem to have been sending messages too quickly to address these needs.

In March 2015, after the digital release, Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp A Butterfly, was published in wax and as soon as it was also pirated. These vinyl sales have gained frightening proportions and preaches a model of one of the bastions of recent die sales of these albums until then considered traditional. However, as the labels do not appear to meet the demands and needs of consumers, surely someone will do it for them.