Welcoming Take Two into the House

Welcoming Take Two into the House

If you have not come across Take Two, you should probably check out their website right now because they are bringing up the Singapore music scene - https://taketwosg.bandpage.com

This is your atypical boy band with 5 members;

Vocals: Lee Yin Wei

Guitar: Johnathan Lim

Guitar: Tan Peng Sing

Bass: David Siow

Drums: Jeryl Yeo

They met in college and as music enthusiasts, they decided to turn their passion in music into something more – an established band. Initially being band members of Eusoff Hall and Kent Ridge Hall in National University of Singapore, they started jamming in the local night scene with their infectious guitar riffs and creative bass lines. They dominantly play songs that are known as “indie dance rock”. While being new addition to the music scene, they are certainly expanding with recent achievements - playing for SGMUSO's House Party and being winners of Supernova '13, a NUS music event that was held on August 23rd.

If you want to catch them, do check out their Facebook page regularly for updates.