Ear Up Incubation Fostering New Music

Ear Up Incubation Fostering New Music

Now in its fifth year, the "Ear Up Incubation" music mentorship programme reached another milestone for the local music industry when 14 Hong Kong based groups were chosen as finalists in the long-awaited Ear Up Music Festival in April 2022.

Along with local rock band, Kolor and independent singer-song writer, Kendy Suen, the 13 rising musicians among the finalists delivered their best to the live indie music lovers.

Covering a variety of music genres, the groups took five major awards including the "Ear Up Grand Prize", the "Ear Up Creativity Award", the "Ear Up Performance Award", the "Ear Up Audience Award" and the new "Ear Up Branding Award".

Despite the continuous challenges created by the COVID-19 situation, a year-long training programme concluded with the 13 groups among the 14 finalists displaying their talents at the Festival which was held in the Macpherson Stadium.

The power of the female voice could not be overlooked in this year's "Ear Up Incubation" programme. In a diverse range of music, the female voice opened up new possibilities. Combining heavy metal and electronic elements with Cantonese songs, FIESTER delivered a colourful style of music to music lovers. DAWN saw music creation as a vast and unknown sound adventure, taking into account the song's composition, and bringing an alternative colour side to Cantonese songs. CHOR sang in a psychedelic atmosphere, leading the audience into the music and into another place where they could feel the message and be genuinely moved. Growing up in music, Yuki Lovey used piano elements from everyday sounds such as metal parts, glue, wood, water and typing to explore themes like personal growth, suffering, and the relationships between people to deliver healing effects to busy urbanites.

Indie band sounds are the soul of Ear Up Music and fans enjoyed alternative rock, electronic, metal, fusion, jazz-pop, neo-soul, R&B, rap and dream-pop in Cantonese, English, Mandarin and Japanese songs.

Uchu Yurei brought progressive rock, jazz-fusion, Japanese film soundtracks, and classical music into their musical universe. Project "Narratist" told stories using notes and rhythms that blended jazz, rock, and classical music to create a pleasant and profound sound journey for the audience, while RAM provided the audience with an alternative rap rock music experience. The Kowloon K wrote songs with improvisational elements of the instrument and were constantly experimenting with new possibilities by combining city-pop and jazz-pop. Inspired by jazz-pop, soul and funk punk, Nervous System surprised the audience with its diversity of music. With dream-pop and shoegaze as their main music backbone, Tofu Kingdom provided fans with another musical experience through their indie-pop style paired with fantastic and exciting music videos.

Wandering between the electronic music of hip hop, electro, trip and house, the duo BEAT FRIDAY showcased unique music and visual in their performance. While Bedroom Party created rhythmic and dreamy music using the computer's digital music workstation software in their bedrooms.

The 'big chaos' music style of Higgo Raj blends R&B, EDM, disco, hip hop, and more in a rhythmic musical journey. While Lester Lam incorporates pop music, R&B and indie into his singing and writing.

Uchu Yurei, a progressive and instrumental band, offered an impressive music performance and won the "Ear Up Grand Prize". The city pop representative Kowloon K got the "Ear Up Audience Award" and was the online live viewers' the clear favourite. Higgo Raj was the winner of the "Ear Up Performance Award" who showed his music passion with his talented band. "Ear Up Creativity Award" went to BEAT FRIDAY, who demonstrated an innovative combination of music and visual content. Lester Lam, the singer-songwriter, was the winner of the new "Ear Up Branding Award".

Ear Up Music is a music label that was tasked by the Renaissance Foundation Hong Kong to develop a sustainable and diverse music ecology in the city and nurture rising young music stars. Sponsored since 2016 by Create Hong Kong (a Government unit that aims to develop Hong Kong into a regional creative capital),the label created the "Ear Up Incubation" programme to spotlight new music in Hong Kong and in neighbouring regions and beyond.

Apart from dedicated small group mentorship sessions, the programme also includes a series of performance workshops and international forums for young musicians to enhance their live performance skills, understand the latest industry trends and discover potential collaboration opportunities. Live house showcases and school showcases are also arranged for incubatees to gain performance experience and build up a fanbase. All the incubatees are selected through an open recruitment and audition process organised by Ear Up Music.

Maroon 5 2022 World Tour

Maroon 5 2022 World Tour

GRAMMY® Award-winning multiplatinum powerhouse Maroon 5 are one of pop music's most enduring artists and the 21st century's biggest acts. To date, the universally renowned Los Angeles band have achieved multiple GRAMMY® Awards and become the most successful duo or group on the Billboard Hot 100 chart this century; with 32 records charted and 15 Top 10 singles. Maroon 5 holds a Top 40 record for the most #1 hits among pop duo or groups with Eleven entries and have earned Twenty-Two Top 10 entries on the chart. They are the only band to achieve these accolades. Maroon 5 reaches over 45 million monthly Spotify listeners, and after completing their "2021" tour, they have played over 750 concerts in 30+ countries selling over 7,500,000 tickets worldwide, remaining "one of the world's best-selling artists."

Maroon 5 stand out as not only one of pop music's most enduring artists, but also one of the 21st century's biggest acts. To date, the universally renowned Los Angeles band have achieved three GRAMMY® Awards and become "the most successful group in the history of the Billboard Hot 100" with 12 Top 10 entries, earned 20 Top 40 hits making them the only band to ever do so, sold over 36 million albums, 48 million singles worldwide, and earned gold and platinum certifications in more than 35 countries. The band won over fans and critics alike with the hybrid rock/R&B sound they introduced on their debut album, Songs About Jane and their double platinum album, It Won't be Soon Before Long. Maroon 5 went on to release studio albums, Hands All Over, which featured the anthemic "Moves Like Jagger," and Overexposed. The band's fifth studio album, V, debuted at #1 on Billboard's Top 200 chart and featured the #1 hit singles "Maps," "Animals" and "Sugar," helping the band set a record for the most #1's by a group in the Top 40 chart's 20-year history, with 9 in total. The music video for the album's GRAMMY- nominated single "Sugar" has notably logged a record setting 2+ billion views to date.

Maroon 5's released their 6th studio album, Red Pill Blues, in late 2017 via 222/ Interscope. The debut single off the album, "What Lovers Do," [feat. SZA] introduced the band's latest body of work with a proverbial bang; accumulating over 574 million Spotify streams and 252 million YouTube/VEVO views. The band's most recent single is the highly anticipated track "Wait," which has quickly climbed up the Top 40 and Hot AC radio charts and already clocked over 134 million Spotify streams. The band's newest single "Girls Like You" ft. Cardi B has quickly risen to the top of the charts. The single sits at #1 at Top 40, #1 at Adult Pop, #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and reached #1 on iTunes and Spotify, all while accumulating almost 300 million Spotify streams and 641 million YouTube/ VEVO views.

Due at Singapore National Stadium, 28 November 2022. The Singapore Sports Hub is a state-of-the-art, fully integrated sports, entertainment and lifestyle hub. Located on a 35-hectare site within the city at Kallang, it features a unique cluster of world-class facilities. As the centrepiece of the Singapore Sports Hub, get the best of live sports and entertainment at the 55,000 capacity National Stadium and enjoy spectacular views of the waterfront and Singapore city skyline.

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27 Years Watching Movies and Listening to Music

27 Years Watching Movies and Listening to Music

A new survey by the leading virtual private network provider NordVPN revealed that Singaporeans spend 27 years and 1 day of their lifetime online. Compared to the average life expectancy, which in Singapore is 83.5 years, that is almost a third of their lives.

During a typical week, Singaporeans spend a bit more than 54 hours using the internet, which is the equivalent of more than two days. Out of those 54 hours per week, more than 18 hours are spent working.

The average time Singaporeans start browsing the internet each day is 9:17 – and they don't log off until 21:47.

The biggest amount of Singaporeans' time per week – 7 hours and 17 minutes – is spent watching videos on platforms like YouTube. Just an hour less – 6 hours and 16 minutes – is spent streaming TV shows and films on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Video, or Hulu.

A further 5 hours and 32 minutes a week are dedicated to scrolling through social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, while 3 hours and 34 minutes are spent listening to music on Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, and similar platforms.

In addition, 2 hours and 32 minutes/week are used for online shopping, 2 hours and 23 minutes are used for making video calls, while another 1 hour and 46 minutes are spent playing games such as Fortnite or Minecraft.

"Most of us seek to ease and enrich our daily lives with various online platforms and services. However, barely anyone thinks about their online security or the privacy of the data they provide to apps and websites.

"Long hours spent on the internet increase the risk of becoming another cybercriminals' victim – current global circumstances have made them even more active," says Daniel Markuson, a digital privacy expert at NordVPN.

The survey was commissioned by NordVPN and conducted by the external company Cint between January 11-18, 2022. The survey's target group was residents of Singapore aged 18+, and the sample was taken from national internet users. Quotas were placed on age, gender, and place of residence.

Trending Cinema Houses

Trending Cinema Houses

Singapore's cinema culture is growing and expanding at an astonishing rate. Several hidden gems around Singapore offer the perfect setting for a great night out with friends or your other half. These film houses boast luxurious interiors and are packed with state-of-the-art technology to create an unforgettable movie experience. Here is a selection of Singapore's trending cinema houses you should know about; Consider the following:

Merit Mandarin Cinema: Merit Mandarin Cinema is a well-established cinema house in Singapore. The establishment is located between the Orchard Road shopping belt and the Central Business District. Iconic architecture and interiors that mimic a luxury hotel make this cinema a favourite for moviegoers and general film lovers. An on-site restaurant allows you to dine in or take away, and the multiplex houses three well-equipped cinemas.

Shaw Singapore Cinema: Shaw Singapore Cinema is part of Singapore's most popular home-grown company, Shaw Brothers. This 10-screen cinema is located in the heart of Singapore's shopping belt near Orchard Road. The cinema's architecture, interiors, and decor are inspired by the 'Golden Age of cinema, bringing a touch of Hollywood glamour to Singapore's heartland. The cinema boasts a luxurious VIP lounge and the latest digital projection systems and sound technology. For an authentic cinema experience, the Shaw Singapore Cinema's lounge seats are imported from the United States and boast full reclining functionality. The cinema also hosts special events and competitions, making it a must-visit destination.

MBO Cinemas: MBO Cinemas has become a household name in Singapore's thriving cinema culture. The Adidas Originals cine-store is the latest concept store from MBO Cinemas, bringing a unique retail experience combining the love for movies and fashion. Located in the heart of Singapore's fashion district on Orchard Road, this cinema features an upholstered seating area, a fully kitted-out sneaker repair shop, and a vintage-inspired popcorn bar. What makes this cinema experience unique is the ability to order food and drinks from your seat and skip the long lines at the concession stand. In addition to the fully kitted-out cinema, the Adidas Originals cine-store houses a special exhibition area displaying vintage Adidas apparel and footwear. The Adidas Originals cine-store is a must-visit destination for all sneakerheads and fashion lovers visiting Singapore.

Nu Movie Restaurant & Café: Nu Movie was Singapore's first boutique cinema and restaurant, combining the best elements of traditional and modern cinemas; it perfectly creates a unique experience. Nu Movie's boutique cinema houses just 12 seats, offering a truly luxurious and intimate cinema experience. The 11-course gourmet meal, made with the help of a Michelin-starred chef, is served directly to your seat, allowing you to enjoy the full cinematic experience uninterrupted. Nu Movie also provides a unique and modern way to book cinema tickets, allowing moviegoers to purchase tickets online and choose their exact seats. This is an excellent option for families and groups of friends who would like to select seats together and make the most of their movie experience.

Golden Village Cinema: Golden Village is a 10-screen cinema located in the heart of Singapore's Orchard Road shopping belt. The cinema's stylish and modern décor is reminiscent of the 1920s when the Golden Village name was first forged. The cinema houses a well-equipped and spacious V-Lounge and features a fully stocked bar and snacks menu. For the ultimate luxury cinema experience, Golden Village's VIP seats come with comfortable couches, a fully stocked bar, and a menu with snacks and nibbles. The cinema also boasts a unique 'encore' feature, which allows you to re-watch your favourite scenes in crystal clear picture quality.

Carest: Carest is a luxurious cinema in Singapore's Central Business District, offering the best in cinema technology and comfort. The cinema features a wide range of film screenings, including the latest releases and a selection of classic films. The cinema houses five state-of-the-art auditoriums equipped with Dolby Atmos technology and an on-site cinema store. The cinema store is stocked with a wide range of gifts and collectibles, making it a fantastic place to visit; it's especially suitable before or after your film screening. For the ultimate cinema experience, the VIP Gold seating area boasts a fully stocked bar and gourmet snacks menu. The cinema also offers a unique dining experience, allowing you to enjoy a gourmet meal at the cinema before your film screening.

As shown, several hidden gems around Singapore offer the perfect setting for a night out with friends. These film houses boast luxurious interiors and are packed with state-of-the-art technology to create an unforgettable movie experience. These trends will possibly continue to grow and develop over the coming years and become more popular amongst locals and tourists alike. For lovers of the art of cinema, these are places you must visit whenever you tour Singapore.